Dragon Ball Super Manga: Orange Piccolo Jumps Into the Action in Chapter 99

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Back in the latest Dragon Ball movie, known as Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, that came out last year, Piccolo received an unprecedented power boost thanks to the Eternal Dragon and Dende. The famous Namekian became stronger than ever, being able to go toe to toe with the nefarious Cell, who has been brought back and improved. He even had a new name: Cell Max.

The Dragon Ball Super Manga continued the story long after the Dragon Ball Super anime ended with the conclusion of the Tournament of Power back in 2018. Two other major arcs were completed in the manga since those times, and it’s now deep into the third. The manga retells the story of the ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ movie, where the Red Ribbon Army has new powerful androids to attack the good guys. While Goku and Vegeta are not around this time, it will be up to Gohan and his good friend Piccolo to try to save the day.

What happens in Chapter 99 of the DBS manga?

The first draft for Chapter 99 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga is already out, and the fans can have a good look at it. It shows the battle between Piccolo and Cell Max, and judging by how things look so far, it doesn’t seem that the manga will adapt the story of the movie any differently. That’s clearly a downside for anyone who has seen the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, but it can be considered a plus that the movie becomes canon.


A brand new Dragon Ball series is set to come out in the fall of 2024 – it’s known as ‘Dragon Ball: Daima,’ and it seems to have a totally different plot than anything else the famous franchise has ever thrown at us so far.

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