King Piccolo Can Still Be a True Menace in Dragon Ball Video Games

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If you know who King Piccolo is and you got struck by nostalgia when reading the title, well, first of all, congrats! It means you got an awesome childhood! On the other hand, if you’re a Dragon Ball fan and the name King Piccolo makes you think only about the Piccolo we all know from Dragon Ball Z, GT, and Super, please go home and do your homework, for Zeno’s sake!

King Piccolo was the father of the Piccolo we know from Dragon Ball Z, and he was one of the major villains in the original Dragon Ball series. King Piccolo, who was also known as Demon King Piccolo or Piccolo Daimao, was a demon who was desperate to rule the world in terror and throw it into complete mayhem and injustice. He even succeeded until some point, but Goku, who, even though he was just a child at that point, posed a serious threat to the diabolical plan of King Piccolo.

Last time, we spoke about how Tien can still be a true menace in Dragon Ball video games. For today, King Piccolo will be under the spotlight, as he possesses some exceptional fighting techniques. Let’s get into the subject:

King Piccolo’s imposing army

Apart from the fact that King Piccolo was exceptionally stronger than anyone else when he was first introduced in Dragon Ball, he also had an entire army of demonic creatures by his side. A guy like King Piccolo couldn’t possibly get his clothes dirty with anyone who tried to stop him, so he had to send his henchmen to do all the dirty work. Therefore, King Piccolo’s most trustful soldiers were Tambourine, Drum, Cymbal, and Piano. These fighters also possess exceptional fighting abilities, and they can be found in video games as well. For instance, one of King Piccolo’s most powerful special techniques in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, for instance, was when he instantly created Drum to fight on his behalf.

King Piccolo’s planet-shaking powers

King Piccolo had some truly destructive powers, something that was very rare until that point in Dragon Ball. For instance, King Piccolo destroyed an entire city with a blast from his hand, only to intimidate the mayor and force him to do what he wanted. King Piccolo had no remorse whatsoever, and he wouldn’t hesitate to destroy entire cities just to prove that he meant business.

Explosive Wave

King Piccolo’s Explosive Wave technique consists of generating a powerful shockwave of energy that radiates outwards, causing devastation to surroundings and opponents. The fighter still uses this move in Dragon Ball video games a lot, proving to anyone that he can be as strong as a Super Saiyan if needed.


Makosen is a devastating energy beam that King Piccolo can fire from just his index finger, and video games depict those situations pretty well. This move is somewhat similar to that of Frieza or Cell, as those two villains can also release devastating laser beams from a single finger.


The Bakurikimaha technique is King Piccolo’s ultimate attack, and it can also do a lot of damage in Dragon Ball video games. This attack is certainly worth using a lot, as it can turn out to defeat much tougher opponents.

King Piccoloo remains one of the greatest villains that Dragon Ball has ever had, and the fans will certainly not forget him. Lots of video games out there depict King Piccolo pretty well.



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