Dragon Ball in Real Life: Behold Amazing AI Renders of the Anime’s Characters!

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Dragon Ball is not only one of the most famous franchises of all time It has also been a main source of inspiration for many of us who wanted to overcome life’s difficulties, as the franchise is teeming with important life lessons. Dragon Ball is mainly about courage, fighting evil, improving yourself through hard work, protecting the innocent, and Mr. Satan’s over 9,000 foolishness level.

The “AI is a Webb” YouTube channel wanted to find out what Dragon Ball characters would look like in real life, and what better method could there be in 2023 other than the one we all have in mind? That’s right: AI, dear ladies and gents!

Let’s see the amazing results:

As we can easily see, the AI renders showcase characters from major animes of the franchise: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super. We can even see a few of the angels, while forgotten characters such as Raditz, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha are also there in the lineup, and they all look pretty realistic.

‘Dragon Ball Daima’ is coming

In the fall of 2024, we’ll have the chance to watch a brand-new anime based on the Dragon Ball franchise. It will be called Dragon Ball Daima, and we can expect it to bring new, exciting adventures for Goku and the gang. At this point, there’s not much to learn about the plot, but we do know that Goku and his friends will become children again because of some mysterious foe’s evil magic.

Most probably, Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and the others will struggle to regain their adult bodies, similarly to how Goku did in Dragon Ball GT. In that show, the beloved Saiyan becomes a kid again because of a mistaken wish spoken to Shenron, the Eternal Dragon. As a result, Goku started to explore the entire galaxy, along with Trunks and Pan, to find the dragon balls in order to become an adult again.

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