Dragon Ball Daima: What the Future Anime Needs to Bring New

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The Dragon Ball community reacted in different ways to the news that a brand new anime is prepared by Akira Toriyama to launch in 2024. Known as Dragon Ball Daima, the upcoming show has divided the fans into two main groups: those who are excited about the idea of Dragon Ball getting a brand new series and those who are angry and disappointed at the idea of transforming Goku and his allies into kids.

What’s for sure is that Dragon Ball Daima will be “not what the fans expect,” whatever that means. If the upset fans are wrong and Daima will be a great Dragon Ball series, the upcoming show sure needs to succeed in certain aspects.

Let’s see what the fans want to see most in Dragon Ball Daima:

A more mature Goku

In Dragon Ball Super, meaning the anime that came out in 2015 and ended in March 2018 after only 131 episodes, Goku’s character has been seriously downgraded to the level of a fellow who only cares about fighting and becoming stronger, even at the cost of putting others in danger. He was eager to join the Tournament of Power to compete against other universes without seeming to care that his own universe would be in great danger. Goku in Dragon Ball Super didn’t even know what a kiss was, proving a similar stupidity as when he was a child. While Toriyama probably wanted to add too more humor in the show and make Goku as gullible as he was as a child just to make the fans laugh, that approach has annoyed a lot of those who were more into the old Dragon Ball stuff.

It’s a pretty safe bet to assume that the majority of Dragon Ball fans want to see a more mature Goku in Dragon Ball Daima, even though he will become a child again. That’s surely feasible, as Goku was transformed into a child in Dragon Ball GT as well, and he still didn’t have an attitude so foolish as he has proven in Dragon Ball Super.

Vegeta becoming the hero of an arc

Vegeta being the main hero of an arc for once is something that the fans have always wanted to see. The Saiyan Prince lost to every major villain since his introduction that took place in Dragon Ball Z. Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Zamasu, and Jiren have all pummelled the senzu beans out of Vegeta. It’s well-known that Toriyama is acting like a troll, making Vegeta lose just because the fans want something else. While it’s also true that the Prince of all Saiyans had his moments when he contributed to the defeat of major villains, such as Cell and Moro, the fans want more for him. They want to see him be the hero of an arc for once, as Goku was so many times.

Better animation

Dragon Ball Daima will most probably have a very nice animation, judging by the future anime’s trailer. The animation in Dragon Ball Super looked horrible and decent at best until the Tournament of Power, meaning that it was far behind the animation from Dragon Ball Z. However, the latest Dragon Ball Super movies, meaning Dragon Ball Super: Broly that came out in 2018 and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero from 2022, impressed with their amazing animation. Let’s just hope that the animators will continue on that path in Dragon Ball Daima.

Will Dragon Ball Daima meet the expectations of most Dragon Ball fans? Only time will tell for sure, but at this point and judging by the trailer, the future anime seems to be more oriented for an audience of children, meaning that it will probably lack all that serious vibe that old-school Dragon Ball fans want to see.

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