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Google Play Store is the official app store for Android operating systems. This store allows the Android device users to browse and download apps that interest them on their devices so that they can use it offline or online. The apps you find on the Google play Store are developed with the Android SDK and are published through Google platform. Hence, Google Play Store is a digital distribution platform that offers music, magazines, books, TV programs, music and many game apps. There are as many as 1.43 million live apps on Google Play Store and is one of the leading app stores in the app marketplace. You can access the applications through Google Play Store either free or charge or at a nominal cost. You will need to have the Google Play Store app downloaded and installed on your Android device before you can download any of the apps on offer at the store.

History Of Google Play

Google Play was formerly known as the Android Market and is the official app store for Android tablets and Smartphones. The Android Market was launched in October 2008 and was merged with Google Music and Google eBook store to be called as Google Play in March 2012. The services that you can now enjoy from the Google Play Store banner are:

  • Google Play Music
  • Google Play Books
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • Google Play Games
  • Google Play Newsstand.

Of these, Google Play games service is the one that is in huge demand among Android users.

The Play Store

The Google Play Store comes pre-installed in all the latest Android Smartphones and tablets. This will allow the users to download for free or purchase applications from Google as well as third party app developers. You can download the apps offered for Android devices only through the Google Play Store. You should not change the device setting and it has to be in “allow the installation of non-market applications” to download the app. You can also download the apps from Google Play Store without any fear of malware threats as all apps are scanned for malware threats before they are made available for download on your Android devices.

Compatibility Of Play Store

The Google Play Store app is not an open source application. Hence, every one with a Smartphone will not be able to access Google Play Store and get hold of his or her favorite apps. Only Android devices that fulfill Google’s compatibility needs will be able to access the apps offered in the Play store. Google Play Store is a closed source application. Earlier, Google needed 3G or 4G mobile data connectivity for users to access the Play Store apps. But, this requirement was loosened with the release of Samsung Galaxy Player in 2011. So, all modern day Android devices will be able to access apps offered by Google Play Store.

Downloading Apps

If you want to download your favorite apps in the Google Play Store, you will have to log into the Google account. Even if you have a Google Play Store on your device, without logging in to Google you will not be able to access the apps in the Play Store. You just need to enter your Google username and password and then enter the Play Store to download the apps you want. There is also a content filtering option that you can opt for so that adult material apps will not show up on your screen. Hate speech and porn materials are not allowed by Google in its Play Store. You can find a wide variety of apps that suits your app needs easily on Google Play Store by opting for the search feature.

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