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Google Play was released on 6th March 2012. Most smartphones and tablets have the Google Play Store pre-installed on them. In the event that your device doesn’t, you can download and install it. The procedure is very simple, and in a while, you can have the app running on any Android device.

Downloading and Installing Google Play Store;

The simplest method is manual installation of the Play Store APK file. You can either download the APK file on your phone or computer

* Downloading from an Android device

– The first step is to do a Google search to access the latest version.

– Download the APK file

– Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ in the security settings on your Android device.

– Tap the APK file in the ‘downloads’ folder or notifications shade. Tap ‘install’. You can opt to disable ‘Unknown Sources’ once installation is complete. This allows you to keep your device safe.

– Read permissions and accept them. The app will install itself. Google Services Framework will automatically be installed. Google uses it to keep the Play Store in communication with the apps so as to know when updates are required.

– Create a Google account or log in

* Downloading from your Computer

This option is ideal if your phone doesn’t have data or if there is no Wi-Fi connection available. If you’d also like to run an antivirus check on the APK file before installation you can download the APK on your PC.

– Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ on your Android

– Connect the device to your computer via a USB cable.

– Copy the APK to your Android.

– Tap the APK file in the ‘downloads’ folder or notifications shade. Tap ‘install’.

– Read permissions and accept them. The app will install itself.

– Create a Google account or log in

* Troubleshooting Google Services Framework

Sometimes, the Google Services Framework may fail to install automatically. Google Search ‘Google Services Framework’ and install the APK. It is important to ensure that you install APKs only from trusted sources. Read the feedback from the sites to ensure that the app functions well before installation.

* Google Play Store Update

If you already have Google Play Store, you can update it. Ensuring that your Google Play Store is up-to-date helps the app perform maximally. New updates fix bugs, improve performance and come with new features. The latest Google Play Store version, 5.3.6, comes with a new search bar and material design animation. To update your current Play Store app, you need a minimum of Android 2.3+ Gingerbread.

The APK file has a size of 11.05 MB and is available on the website. After downloading the APK file, enable ‘Unknown Sources’ from your device’s security settings and install the update.

The 5.3.6 version will solve the problem of purchasing from the Play Store. It has a ‘My Accounts’ section which holds information about credit cards.

All in All

The Google Play Store is usually pre-installed on Android devices. However, if your device has none, you can install it. Updating the Store is also crucial as it allows for maximal performance. There is also an iOS version of the Play Store. It has similar features to the Android counterpart, though there are a few restrictions. 

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