Viber vs. Skype Free Download – Which Video Calling App Deserves a Spot on Your Smartphone?

If you own a mobile phone, the next best thing to do is download a VoIP app, so you can take advantage of its full benefits.

The problem is not about whether you need to download, but which among the popular VoIP apps you should download. There are many choices for the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices and two of the most popular apps are Viber and Skype. If you have an ample amount of space on your device, you can download both since they work differently from each other. But if you only want one between the two, here are their comparisons based on different criteria.

Ease of Use

Viber and Skype are easy to use in any smartphone or mobile phone. Both are also easy and free to download; however, they work differently. When you register on Skype, you will need to come up with a username and a password. The username will be your identification element on the whole network. Viber does not require a username as it only uses your mobile number to register. It’s more convenient with your mobile phone and with your contacts.

Desktop Client

Skype was initially available on computers before invading mobile phones while Viber started out as a mobile app before launching a desktop version. When using a computer, it makes more sense to use a username and a password. However, people more often use their mobile phones for VoIP than their computers, so Viber is easier to use when you’re on a mobile device.

Call Quality

Skype offers higher quality of calls – both for voice and video calls, because it utilizes enhanced codecs and HD voice. Viber’s video calling feature is relatively new compared to Skype’s years of experience. Viber may not yet have the same quality as Skype’s, but it’s already getting there.


Skype may be more popular than Viber but more and more people prefer the latter. It’s because these days, it’s a nice comfort knowing that you have with you everything you need whenever you move. Viber, being a mobile app, suits this need well. On the other hand, Skype has yet to satisfy all of its mobile users.

Who You Can Contact

The people you can communicate with using VoIP are those who are using the same app as you. Such is the case with Viber – only the people using Viber can be on your contact list. You won’t be able to call anyone else using other service. Skype, on the other hand, allows you to call not only those who are using Skype, but also people who have a Facebook account and a Microsoft ID.

The Winner

If you’re after quality and service and you’re often calling using your computer, Skype is the better VoIP app. However, if you use your mobile phone much more often, Viber is a better choice. It’s easier to get identified using your mobile number and it also integrates on mobiles much better. If you’re going to use the app for the basic services – free voice and video calls and instant messaging, Viber will be the excellent app for you.

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