Why the Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Have the Best Camera in 2015?

Samsung has huge aspirations with the next flagship, the Galaxy S6.

One of the best improvements that the company intends to make is in the camera section. Samsung wants to produce the best camera smartphone in 2015, and judging by tradition and rumors, they might do so. Samsung is the first company to place a rear camera on its phones. The company did so with the SCH-V200 model, placing a VGA rear camera. Since then, Samsung has been one of the leading innovative companies regarding the camera. Here are some reasons why the Galaxy S6 will have the best camera sensor in 2015.

Taking Full Advantage of the Potential

The Galaxy S6 will have a 20-MP sensor on the back of the phone, but Samsung is not satisfied with just bumping the power of the sensor. Samsung wants an intelligent camera. That is why the company has instructed its engineers to test every possible situation and condition. During the testing, the engineers have taken more than 10,000 photos in different light conditions, trying to reach the maximum potential in every situation. Such pushing the limits is what might deliver Samsung the title for best camera phone in 2015.

Software Improvement

Another improvement Samsung will make in the software of the camera. The Korean company says they will bump the speed of the application of the camera, the speed of the focus, and the overall speed of taking snaps. The goal is to allow users to take all those precious moments in a millisecond and not miss them because you are waiting for the camera app to load.

Hardware Improvement

The Korean company has learned the lesson with previous Galaxy handsets. The Samsung Galaxy S5 had software stabilization, but the company has now added optical image stabilization to the camera. This should help users avoid blurry photos.

The Front Selfie Sensor

Delivering a great rear camera is not the standard anymore. Users want selfie camera, one that can help them participate in the selfie mania that has taken over the world. The Galaxy S6 should deliver a 5-MP sensor on the front, and there are rumors there might be an LED flash as well, and wide lens for group selfies.

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