Top 3 Features Android Wear Has Over Apple Watch

From the moment Apple announced the Apple Watch, the buzz surrounding the first smartwatch from the Cupertino based company was getting bigger and bigger.

It is so as people forgot that Google already had a smartwatch and a whole new operating system for it. The Android Wear line currently includes not more than five smartwatches, with more to come. And in some aspects, the Android Wear line is much better than the Apple watch. Here are three features that fall in that section.

Phone-free Functionality

Unlike the Apple Watch, some of the smartwatches in the Android Wear line can function as individual devices. The Apple Watch, on the other hand, functions only when it is synced with an iPhone. Take the iPhone out, and you are left with a fancy looking watch you can only tell time with. The Apple Watch will count your steps, but the data must be synced with your iPhone. On the other hand, some models in the Android Wear line offer GPS and Wi-Fi connection. In essence, this helps you check your Twitter feed, monitor and track morning runs without an eligible phone near you. Also important, Google has allowed third party apps for the Android Wear. At the moment, Android Wear is more of a standalone device than the Apple Watch is.

Google Now

Google Now is a voice assistant much like Siri, but the difference in the way the assistant works is what makes Google Now much better option. Google Now for Android Wear displays information at the specific moment you need it. The feature is much more than a voice assistant. In fact, Google Now is a virtual assistant available at your wrist. Some of the things you can do with Google Now on Android Wear is to scan your Gmail account, travel history, search history and much more. The feature then adjusts to you, and displays information that is valuable for you.


Customization is a big advantage Android has over iOS, and it is the same comparison here. While Android Wear can be customized to every limit, the Apple Watch is much stricter when it comes to the operating system. With Android Wear you can change the on screen settings, use alternative launchers, or create watch faces with the help of applications. Simply put, your Android Wear represents your style and character. The Apple Watch is more unified device across all Apple users.

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