Candy Crush Soda Saga Free Download – Rack up More Points and Stars with these Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Getting through the Levels for Free

If you have completed the levels of the original game, Candy Crush Saga, or if you are not able to proceed beyond a certain point, here’s good news. has brought in another fresh game of candy crushing with Candy Crush Soda Saga. The game brings in a similar gameplay, combined with fresh challenges and obstacles. There are also new combinations not present in the original game that started it all. Here are some tips and strategies for earning more points and getting through the levels without using any real money.

Getting Free Lives

The original game gives players five lives and if you run out of them, they get replenished one at a time after every half hour. You will either have to wait out this time, ask your Facebook friends to send you lives or be ready to cough up some real money to buy gold bars and get more lives immediately.

You can use the same cheat for getting more lives in Candy Crush Soda Saga, as you did in the original game. Go into the Settings application of your phone and move to the Date and Time section. You can then move the time forward for a few hours to get more lives. Thus, you can keep playing some more and then when you are done, you can reset the clock.

Scouting the Frozen Bears

In many of the levels, you have to search for the frozen bears. They lie under some layers of ice but if you crack the first layer, you will be able to spot a bluish green haze around the place where the bear is stuck in ice. You can then go to these spots and make moves around the area. The ice does not block the candies from falling through, so you don’t need to break them in other areas where there are no hidden bears.

Take Heed of the Soda Bottles

In levels where you have to save bubble bears, take care not to allow soda bottles move away from the screen. This happens when the bears rise too fast. All bottles lying at the same levels of the Bear, or below it should be matched, before the Bear rises. If you are not able to raise the soda to the required level, it is impossible to move the Bear above the soda level and rise to the candy string. Make use of all the soda bottles that appear and don’t let any of them pass you unknowingly.

Beating the String or the Necklace Levels

In these levels, you must first take care not to let the soda bottles go by without bursting them. After the soda has risen far enough or till it reaches the string, you can create vertical striped candies. They must be formed in the same column of the Bear, so that matching them clears the whole row and makes the Bear move towards the string. This can save you many single moves in trying to make the Bear rise and reach the string or necklace.

Random Locations

When dealing with the frosted bear levels, you must keep in mind that the location of the bears is not the same every time you attempt the game. When you restart these levels, the bears may not be in the same place as the previous time. You must watch the ice and find out where the bluish green color appears to show you the presence of the bears within the frosted ice.

Using Coloring Candies

This is new in the game and you can form it by matching seven candies of the same color. The coloring candy can be matched with any other candy. It will change the color of the piece with which it is matched, and all other pieces of this color, to its own color. It is better to swap it with a candy color that you have plenty on your board.

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