4 Games that You Must Have on your Android Devices


Google Play Store is always loaded with tons of apps and games of all kinds. With such variety of options it is very difficult for a general user to choose a game to try or to play. We have drafted a list of all those games with a little review that need your attention.

Lara Croft: Relic Run

If you have been a fan of Tomb Raider series, then this game featuring Lara Croft will bring back a lot of memories for you. It is an all new adventure game to kick in your nostalgia and bring in some real gaming. A shadowy conspiracy is threatening the world and Lara Croft is on her mission to unveil the truth. You need to find clues to discover ancient relics by running, diving, and swinging your way through breathtaking environments. The game is equipped with multiple locations and each location has hidden secrets and packages for you to discover. Get into fast paced vehicles like ATVs or motorcycles to bring in more fun. Equip Lara with weapons and make sure to upgrade them so she can encounter any enemy she came across. If you manage to score higher you can even make place into the leaderboard.

Furious Racing

A full of fun and energy sports car racing simulation game that you cannot miss. Get your hands onto some of the finest and fastest sports car and make run on busy city streets making a name for you and your crew. Every time you beat your opponent you will earn the credit that will lead you to heavy bonuses, upgrade your car then to make sure that you remain top in the game. The game has to offer over 15 different cars that you can modify by changing their color, upkeep, engine performance and a lot more. You get to drive some real unique cars that you have never experienced in any game before. With its stunning graphics, and smooth and realistic car handling this game will take your hours in an instant.

Grab the Auto 3

After succession of previous versions, Ping9 Games is back with another version of Grab the Auto that is made in accordance with Grand Theft Auto. Although the gameplay is quite different still you will feel like playing likes GTA most of the time. It is one of the best city driving games where you grab a car and drive. This version has an added feature that is your companion dog Smaky who will follow you wherever you head to. The game is about a character named John Woods who is new to a city but has no cash to survive. John starts to grab vehicles and drive to survive in the big city. This game involves third person control and also supports night scene in this brand new city. You get to drive interesting vehicles will brilliant physics involved into drifts and all. The game has total 8 different cool cars to offer.

Badminton 3D

We understand that you cannot take time out to play sports in real life from your very busy and hectic schedule. But the thirst for sports can be erased by trying out our suggested sports game. If you are into playing badminton then you are definitely going to like Badminton 3D. A very simple game that focuses on pure badminton and fun, best part is that the game is available to be played online. Play it with your friends online or with any other player from around the world. If you want to practice first before jumping into online gaming try out the Career mode that will take you through different levels of difficulty. Two player modes are played fantastically in its split screen mode. Play well and get your name featured onto the leaderboard. The game even offers tournaments and leagues on which you can compete on by making your country proud.

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