Windows Phone 10 to Remotely Monitor and Control your Windows 10 PC

When talking about innovation, there is no company that can beat Apple.

In essence, Microsoft has been living in the shadows of Apple Inc. as far as innovation is concerned.

Apple has managed to survive these tough times thanks to the perception users have of this brand, and it has managed to progress under this image of being an innovative brand that is also progressive. This perception of the public has had a share of its own damage on the reputation or rather image of Microsoft as a company since this company is the one behind Windows OS and other innovative services and devices as well.

In fact, Microsoft’s innovative nature is so profound and it is based on the future and it is not like Apple’s, which can arguably be termed as innovation of the present. Apple makes their innovations physically visible and thus, they are easier to appreciate than Microsoft’s, which are kind of deeper. An example of these deep innovations by Microsoft is the release of Windows Phone 8, which was obviously a technology that users weren’t ready for despite its amazing capabilities.

Microsoft was in fact the first company to venture into the smartphone world immediately after this technology came into being when they came up with Windows Phones that had amazingly large screens and were bulky as well, with a hefty price to add to it. Microsoft was also the first to come with wearable technology before any other player came in, but this technology was a bit flawed back then.

Windows Phone 10 is built for the future

Just like it has been with a majority of Microsoft products, the new Windows Phone 10 operating system is designed for the future as it is expected that lots of things will change once this operating system is launched.

When talking about performance, expect the best from this new Windows Phone 10 OS. Furthermore, numerous features have been included in this new OS, but a lot of them have yet to be announced as they are expected to come in gradually as updates to this OS are made available.

Windows Phone 10 to control and monitor your Windows 10 PC

The latest mobile operating system from Microsoft will come with a live streaming feature for PC screens. At the moment, it is said that this live streaming of PC screens is being tested on large-screened Lumia smartphones. This revolutionary feature will capture the “One Platform” idea of Microsoft at work as using this feature, it will be possible to monitor and control your Windows 10 PC. Furthermore, this feature will be capable of working the other way round, where you can also control your phone from your PC.

The full console will include many features that include the ability to make calls as well as send text messages. It will be possible for you to get notified on your Windows 10 PC that your Windows Phone 10 smartphone is being called or when a message comes in. Alternatively, you can choose to receive these calls and messages while seated on your PC.

However, the live streaming of PC screens will only be possible with high-end Windows Phone 10 smartphones which also have some exceptionally huge screen sizes i.e. 5 inches and above. In essence, Microsoft is looking to change everything in the smartphone world with the new Windows Phone 10. While this might look like the last shot this company has to impress its users after falling short with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, it is expected that this OS will make an impact on this smartphone market that is largely dominated by Android and Apple.

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