PS4 1TB Ultimate Player Edition Consumes Less Power and is Lighter

Games have become bigger in size and if you wish to keep a collection stored on your hard disk, it’s not possible unless you choose to buy the bigger 1 TB ultimate player edition PS4 console.

After Microsoft announced that a new Xbox One with an improved controller and bigger hard drive is coming, Sony has followed suit and has launched their own version of the console. After all, gamers are really fighting for space these days because each game weighs a solid 50 GB of space or higher. Some good examples are the newly launched GTA 5, Witcher 3, Assassin’s Creed Unity and other titles. All of them are not only huge in size but also receive gigabytes of updates every fortnight or so, which creates a constrained situation for players. If you like to play games one more time as in the case of GTA 5, it’s not easy unless you keep it readily installed. The new console should pave way for such functionalities.

Lighter, Less Energy Consuming

The company didn’t confirm the changes they have made to the console but it has been confirmed that the Sony PS4 1 TB edition will be a solid 10% less in weight when compared to its previous model. The total weight of the console is measured at 2.5 kilograms which makes it easier to carry it around in a backpack or anywhere you go, without having to break your back.

It has also become exceptionally energy efficient. Most people keep their console switched on or in power saving mode. When you game for long hours in a weekend, or the entire family is taking turns to play games, it becomes impossible to avoid those wallet killing electricity charges which is what the Playstation 4 ultimate edition plans to abolish. It uses 8% less energy when compared to the previous model which makes it a worthy upgrade, so that you could save some massive bucks in your next bill cycle.

Release Dates

The PS4 console ultimate player edition with 1 TB of storage space will launch on July 15. The launch date is confirmed for the European market as well as the other PAL territories. There is no word on a U.S. or U.K. release date, but sources confirm that it shouldn’t be long before it finds its way to these regions. The pricing has not been confirmed and Sony has asked gamers to check with their local retailer to know its cost.

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