Call of Duty Advanced Warfare New DLC Weapons

Advanced Warfare has set a precedent for the series by including a new piece of weaponry with each DLC pack that comes out, alongside at least one free weapon available for everyone. These DLC weapons inject a new level of fun into the game, by giving you new challenges to complete, new attachments to unlock and new variants to find. So far we’ve had 3 weapons come through updates, and the obvious question everyone thinks after each one is “I wonder what’s yet to come?” that’s what we’ll be speculating on today.

First lets talk about the 3 weapons we have had, all of them are primary, and two of them are directed energy weapons. The AE4 is an assault rifle with no penetration and no ammo counter, the Ohm is a heavy weapon LMG crossed with a shotgun, which acts as directed energy but with limited ammo shared between the two. Finally the M1 irons is a revolver that fits in the special category, despite very clearly being a pistol. The reasoning for this is unclear, but it does mean it is significantly more powerful than other pistols, and might be a simple way to fill the special slot with a new weapon.

What these three weapons (and particularly the M1 Irons) suggest are that each of the primary weapon categories are going to get a weapon. Obviously with 6 categories and 4 DLC packs, a hybrid weapon and a free DLC weapon does fit the bill just well, and this is the most likely outcome given the way previous games have never had two new weapons in the same class. Therefore, our most logical guess about the next two weapons are a sniper rifle and a sub-machine gun.

The sniper rifle is one they are clearly dreading and looking forward to at the same time, with the sniper community being one of the most vocal this could help the sales of such a DLC, but could increase criticism if the weapon isn’t good enough. What seems likely then is some form of one shot rifle with directed energy. This could be bolt action or to be more interesting and varied it could have an overheat bar instead. This would fill the gap of powerful, low recoil semi automatic sniper rifle, and really give the game a new weapon worth looking at with a truly brand new feel.

The SMG is a little harder to predict, but given the high capacity the class is currently known for, it could be likely that we’ll see a kiparis or skorpion style weapon. In fact, they’ve even given us strong hints that they’ll be bringing weapons back from previous games, so given that the SMGs are perhaps the most popular class, seeing an MP5, a P90, a kiparis or a skorpion making its way into the game is well in the realm of possibility, and perhaps even the most likely outcome.

Overall, we have some interesting, mysterious new weapons coming in the form of DLC, and they all look pretty promising so far.

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