Best Instant Messaging Apps Comparison – WhatsApp vs Skype vs Tango vs WeChat vs Line vs Viber vs Hangouts vs Tango vs Facebook Messenger

Apart from WhatsApp, how many other instant messengers are you aware of?

There are hundreds of other instant messaging applications, and in this article, we have rounded up 8 of the best instant messaging applications for your Android smartphone with respect to individual needs and tastes.


WhatsApp has a user base of more than 700 million and it’s hard to find a smartphone owner not using WhatsApp. Even though this app is not that rich, when compared to the other apps’ features, no app beats it as far as number of users is concerned. There are very high chances that any of your friends using Android has installed WhatsApp on their devices. WhatsApp will make use of your existing phonebook to create a list of contacts and as such, you won’t need to manually add contacts.

Using this app, you can send and receive text, voice, video, as well as photo messages. You can also include stickers, media files as well as emojis in these messages.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger delivers a faster and clearer user interface as well as services. Although this app is more like WhatsApp, it makes use of your Facebook friends; however, the latest version allows users to keep in touch with others using their mobile numbers.

With Facebook Messenger, you can access all of your Facebook messages without having to log into the main website. You can also use stickers, emojis, free calls, voice messages, groups as well as photo sharing, among others.


Skype is the pioneer of video calling and since its 2003 inception; this app has strived to maintain its high quality services. Primarily, Skype offers video calling services; however, the instant messaging service it offers are just as popular as the free calling services.

In order to sign up with Skype, you need a Skype ID, which will be used by your friends to recognize you on Skype. With Skype, you can make free voice calls, make affordable calls to landlines and other international numbers as well as chat in groups, share media files and many more. Unlike WhatsApp, you can have a Skype account on a number of devices that include a mobile phone, PC, tablet and TV.


Viber is giving Skype a run for its money, especially with its amazing sticker market that comes with both free and premium stickers that are the best for its core business of instant messaging. Of course, Viber also allows users to send recorded video and voice messages just like WhatsApp. You can also access free voice and video calls using this application. Furthermore, just like Skype, you can use Viber to make very affordable calls to users not on the Viber radar.


The popularity of Line is not something to be taken for granted. Line now offers users with free video calling services that are similar to the superior qualities of Skype, but it comes in with a fresher look and feel than the old Skype. This app has the largest sticker collection and you can also access intelligent features in this sticker market for detecting your mood when using the app.

Just like with the above mentioned apps, Line can also let users participate in group chats on a PC, a tablet or a phone; it has a timeline, it allows for sending of recorded voice and video messages as well as sharing of multimedia files.


When Android 4.4 KitKat came out, Google Hangouts was introduced as the default app of communication for Android users. However, this can be changed at the users’ discretion. Hangouts combines the features of an SMS and instant messaging app and it can also be used to make free calls to other users of the app. The ability of Google Hangouts to handle both IM and SMS ensures that the number of apps installed on your phone is reduced.

You will get similar instant messaging, file sharing as well as location sharing services as those you get on most apps.


There is more to using this app than the Tango dance. Tango offers similar messaging and calling services as those you find on Skype, Hangouts and Viber. Tango makes use of your phone number and automatically creates a list of contacts based on those saved on your device. It is possible to introduce non-users of Tango to the platform by sending them an invite.

You can add like-minded people to your network of friends using this app’s search parameters, which makes it more of a social networking app than an IM. Users of Tango can also enjoy playing games while on chats.


WeChat started out in China and it has grown to become a global force in the IM world. In addition to instant messaging, file sharing and voice/video calling; WeChat recently introduced the gaming feature to its platform where users can play against each other when on chats. WeChat also comes with a wide collection of stickers and users have the option of using it as a Walkie-Talkie.

WeChat also adds a more social networking feel to its platform than the other apps do, as you can share and comment on photos using the WeChat Moments feature.

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