Bomb Squad Review – Gameplay of The Best Android Games 2014

For those who enjoy anything and everything that goes boom, there just so happens to be one of the craziest, most satisfying video game experiences in quite the long while.

Is there anything wrong with having an uncontrollable urge to watch things explode, in the confines of your own smartphone? Let it be now that Bomb Squad is an incredibly satisfying and downright addicting multiplayer thrill ride, brought to you by the acclaimed indie game designer and visual effects extraordinaire, Eric Froemling.

Bomb Squad is now available to download on Android and it will become open house for you to start blowin’ up your friends in this seriously fun, combat style multi-player game where you get the honor and opportunity to toss bombs on your pals with reckless abandon until there is only one left in sweet victory.

The design of the game is easy-going and user friendly but it can grow furiously intense only in a matter of minutes. The excitement simply never wears off at which couldn’t be more emphasized when you either play the game via online or even play against all of your best buds in your hometown because Bomb Squad can effortlessly support up to eight players who are playing in all different directions, all in one awesome blast at a time.

Flawless Multiplayer Action

This multi-player mayhem will enable all of you to go full co-op with capture the flag, 4×4 team deathmatch, free for all and so much more. The game even has a nice variety of extras like hockey, racing and a ton of other mini-games with their own specific objectives that will challenge players to the tilt while they still pursue savage induced revenge on one another.

Bomb Squad plays like a full blown console video game that makes you utterly forget your are playing on your Android, until you get a text that is. The game features an amazing take of a cartoon style of violence that is just good fun to look at.

Kicking and Screaming

One of the greatest things about the game is it’s sheer simplicity to play, yet with the widely acclaimed design that expels an atmosphere that just totally sucks you right in to that world. furiously fluid control movement completely gives way to a fluid running style, kicking, punching, swinging, picking things up and catapulting those bombs in every which way.

In this chaotic world there is never any shortage of explosives and powerups to throw and assist your way into an unflinching mission to whittle your opponents to a minimal pile of dust. When you carry with you the brutal force of an energy shield, it will take part of the load off for you by absorbing the damage that is being inflicted by the sheer eagerness of your teammates.

Bombs Away!

But come on let’s face it, this ultimate and sinfully joyful game will beg for the explosive anarchy which is summoned from a will and a desire to go full bomb’s away! sending an aggressive message with sticky bombs, triple bombs, land mines, trigger bombs and the ultimate enemy-freezing ice bombs that detonate to destroy on impact.

Now you can power-up with a special pair of boxing gloves that will set in motion the best way to power up, all the while dealing loads of more damage. You can then look back at the destruction with a grin while you power-up, healing yourself to the most satisfying victory you ever witnessed but hey listen, whatever you do don’t even get near that wretched curse power-ups, whatever you do.


Destruction is yours, your eyes see the target and your senses will go unruly fully haywire with a fun, chaotic and explosive style of play that beckons you to battle and a provide a great time that will indeed be had by all, you can bet your lucky bombs on it.

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