WhatsApp 2.12.71 Free APK – Download The Latest Beta Version

The WhatsApp users who want to install the latest version of this application must visit the official website, in order to download the latest APK, which is 2.12.71. This version doesn’t support the Google Drive Backup function, which has been removed after the 2.12.58 version, but it has a few improvements and bug fixes.

Not many things have changed on the 2.12.71 version, which is in beta and can’t be found in the Google Play store, where only stable versions are uploaded and they are bug-free. This new version has UI improvements and some of the bugs from the previous version have been fixed, but you may encounter other bugs on which the developers will work in order to fix them. This is the reason why new updates are released so often: the beta versions come with new features, but bugs make their way to these versions and keep the developers occupied.

The 2.12.71 version can be downloaded from whatsapp.com, where the file has a size of 19.8 MB, being 0.15MB bigger than the previous version. It has improvements to the Material UI as well, which was introduced on the 2.12.38 version. This means that you will see a deep green title bar blending into the three tabs (Calls, Chats and Contacts), there are new buttons for recording voice messages, and the chat window has the recording button included in the in attachment option pop-up.

When you will join group chats, you will see a cleaner layout, a larger cover image and a changed media selection screen. The users can make voice calls to every WhatsApp user without being charged, because the application needs only an internet connection, no matter if it’s over WiFi or 3G. In the first year of use, WhatsApp is free, but when the trial period ends, an annual fee of 0.99 dollars will be applied. To install WhatsApp on an Android device, the smartphone must run on the 2.1 version or later, and you will use your personal phone number to create an account. You won’t need to add contacts manually because the application scans your phonebook for numbers registered to WhatsApp and adds them automatically to your list of contacts.

The web feature will allow you to access your WhatsApp account from your computer, but you will run one of these three supported browsers: Opera, Firefox or Chrome and you will go to web.whatsapp.com, then scan the QR code with your phone’s camera, within the WhatsApp application.

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