How To Use Waze without Internet Access

Waze is a navigation app for android and iOS platforms that has seen a lot of growth and improvements over the last couple of years. Using crowd-sourced maps and information from the user base itself, the app provides you with real time information about the state of the roads, traffic conditions, police presence and so much more.

You can use Waze when looking for directions to a location and the map will be clearly shown with all the important information such as police presence and any accidents that have happened nearby. This way, you can easily navigate around your area using the best path possible. The map also has other features such as displaying the locations of police officers, nearby accidents and so much more. With the app, you can easily find gas stations in your vicinity as well as the address and prices. This can be a great way to save both time and money when refueling your vehicle.

As a new Waze user, you will be introduced to the concept of reports and these will earn you points. Any time you make a report about a policeman nearby, an accident that has happened or the state of traffic at your current location, you get to earn bump points. These points signify your level of usage of the app as well as your ranking in the Waze community.

Waze can also be used as a guidance app with the voice feature where you are guided on what path to take in order to get to your destination more efficiently. Voice directions free you from having to hold the phone in order to use the app. Both your hands will be free to focus on driving safely and getting to your destination on time.

By integrating real time traffic information which comes from a vast network of other Waze users, you can easily select a route that has as few obstructions as possible. This information is always updated in real time giving you the ability to change the route or modify it slightly based on the changes that may be happening with the network.

Being a map-based navigation system, Waze usually requires internet access in order to get the latest information from the internet. However, you can make use of it while it is offline. In this case, you will be making use of the already saved information that is on the device itself. Using the app in offline mode can be useful when you only require directions and nothing else.

However, this also means that you will not be able to access real time information about traffic conditions, accidents and police presence along the way.

In conclusion, Waze has a ton of feature which makes it possible to navigate the road like a pro. These crowd-sourced details can come in useful when you are on a new road or in a bit of a hurry.

Even without access to the internet, you can still access the app information on your device and use this for your navigational needs. This way, you get to your destination whether you have a carrier signal or not.

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