Free Viber – Why You Should Download It Now

Get personal with Viber.

If you text often and enjoy taking selfies, downloading Viber can make this even easier for you to show off your photos. Viber is a phone application that will let you call and text to all other Viber users for free. You will be impressed with the sound, and with the quality of the phone calls you can make with Viber. Even if your friends or loved ones do not have Viber, you can take advantage of calling anyone that does not have Viber using ViberOut at low rates.

In order to this, you can purchase ViberOut credits in order to make local and international calls to non – Viber users. With this application, you can make any calls to any smartphone or landline everywhere in the world. It is available on iPhone and Android mobile devices. Moreover, Viber is available on Mac and Windows as well.

So what are some of the benefits of the Viber download? You do not have to register, and the application recognizes you by your phone number. You will receive an access code through SMS or a callback to activate Viber. The access code is for security purposes, and it will ensure that you are the actual owner of the phone number you signed up with.

Some other benefits of this application are that your voice calls are only the highest quality HD calls, and you can have fun and personalize your messages with texts, photo and stickers. This will allow you to have some fun when you are wishing someone a happy birthday, or you can get creative for a special occasion.

Furthermore, you will enjoy full sync between your mobile phone and window, and you can pass on ongoing calls between devices. All you have to do is to provide your phone number, then you can start chatting away and getting in touch with your loved ones.

There is a lot of competition out there, especially when it comes to electronics. That is why there has been some updates to Viber, such as the 5.0 version. This version includes video calls, and you can transfer calls from your phone to the desktop versions. You will be amazed with the quality of the 5.0 version, and you will have more options with the background gallery as well. In addition, if you use Viber for Windows 8, the 3.2 version makes it more user-friendly.

You will be able to manage your stickers, emoticons, and notifications, as well as use a simpler method to search for your contacts. For example, if you are an iOS user, then you can turn sticker packs off and on and shuffle them the way you want.

The Viber application is the chameleon of electronics, and it can be used on various platforms such as the iPhone, iPod, and Android just to name a few. It is easy to install, and the steps to download it are straightforward. You will not be disappointed with this application, download it today to enjoy all the benefits.

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