League of Legends – Top 5 Best Tanks In LoL

Even if tanks are no longer in the current meta they still play an important role especially in the top lane. AP and AD carries will need someone beefy to protect them in team fights and most of the times the tank is either the top laner, the jungler or the support. Here are the top 5 tanks in LoL that are almost impossible to kill.

  1. Leona

Leona is generally played as a support champion in the bot lane. Combined with an early game adc she can literally snowball the lane due to the amount of damage she can take. The biggest game changer that she has in her hit is Eclipse, her W skill. Eclipse gives Leona 20 magic resist and 20 armor at level 1 which makes her extremely tanky. At maximum level the skill grants 60 armor and 60 magic resist. The only downside is the fact that as a support Leona needs assists to scale into late game. Lacking gold generation she needs assists to get essential items that will make her impossible to kill.

  1. Nautilus

Nautilus is considered the king of CC. 3 of his abilities stun or slow his enemies while his passive grants him the ability to stun champions with his auto attacks. What makes him incredibly tanky is his shield. Titan’s Wrath or the W skill grants Nautilus a shield that scales with his HP thus it makes more sense to build him as a tank. Late game Nautilus can stun an entire team, use his shield and due to his build, he can take on all five enemy players.

  1. Renekton

Even if Renekton is no longer the flavor of the month he is still a solid top laner and an excellent tank. In most games Renekton players will only get one AD item to scale up his sustain. In the laning phase Renekton is a genuine bully with his Slice and Dice skill that grants mobility, his stun and his natural sustain that comes with the Q skill. Late game, this monster crocodile is almost unkillable due to his ultimate that grants additional HP.

  1. Poppy

Even if Poppy is not that popular she is an amazing top laner. She has extra magic resist and armor by default in her kit but the magic starts to happen in team fights. Poppy is an extremely dangerous tank if she adds a Trinity Force to her built. She is capable of dealing large amounts of damage while still being a tank while her ultimate makes her invulnerable to damage from 4 players while she can be hurt only by her target.

  1. Garen

Garen is the king of all tanks. His Courage or W skill passive grants him 20% extra armor and magic resist. This bonus applies to base stats which means that in the laning phase he takes reduced damage from all types of champions except for the ones that deal true damage. Another aspect that makes him extremely tanky is his passive that basically regenerates his health at an accelerated rate. In team fights Garen can chase all his enemies and silence them which makes him a dangerous tank for enemy ap carries.

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