Google Play Store Has Stopped Working, But Why?

Since each Android smartphone and tablet runs Android, these same devices all come with the Google Play Store. Currently, analysts and users consider the Play Store the best app marketplace. The fact is that most Android users will use Google’s app store rather than any alternatives for Android . Users can sometimes encounter various bugs that force the Play Store to stop working, though. In most cases, users have no idea what’s causing these issues, and they can be difficult to deal with if they persist.

“Google Play Has Stopped Working”

This is a message that most Android users have encountered before. Most users see this message every once in awhile, but it’s a frequent occurrence for unlucky users. After this message pops up, the Play Store will stop working and force close. An individual must then restart the app in the hopes that it will work smoothly once again. Persistent glitches will prevent users from accessing the marketplace altogether. For obvious reasons, users find this situation aggravating to no end, but a number of solutions are available today.

Uninstall Updates For The Google Play Store

For whatever reason, updates to the Play Store can cause the app to stop functioning properly. Perhaps the update was applied incorrectly, or the update contains too many errors. A given user can access the app’s settings and uninstall previous updates. At that point, the Play Store reverts to its basic state and should function without trouble. Reapplying the updates that were erased can fix the problem for some users. This troubleshooting process should take less than five minutes and should result in a functioning app.

Soft or Hard Reset The Device

Users can hard or soft reset their device to fix this issue. Sometimes, the Google Play Store experiences issues related to the software. A reset will dump the RAM and reset all of the running applications. Chances are high that the Play Store will run fine after a reset, so users should probably try this option first. Of course, it’s not a guaranteed fix, yet the average person will see positive results here. Resetting a smartphone or tablet can fix a lot of other issues, which users are often surprised to learn.

Miscellaneous Fixes For This Problem

Otherwise, an Android user can attempt a handful of other fixes. He or she could try disabling and then enabling the Google Play Store to see if that fixes force closing incidents. Apps tend to “stop working” when the memory becomes overloaded, so a person could try closing apps running in the background. Typically, closing background apps frees up enough memory for the Play Store to function as intended. More technical solutions are available, although basic users won’t know how to perform these actions without help.

Get Google Play Up and Running Again!

With these solutions, the average person will get the Play Store running once again. Nothing is more annoying than force closing or quitting without cause. Google Play is designed to run without problems, but all software is vulnerable to issues from time to time. For some users, these problems appear more often than they should. Getting these issues resolved as soon as possible helps make the user experience better for everyone.

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