Windows 10 Operating System – Is this the Last Version?

Rather than keep on rolling out a newer version of the renowned Windows OS, Microsoft is weighing the option of regularly improving the platform via rolling out major and minor updates.

If this is true, Windows 10 will be the last OS from Microsoft. This news came from Microsoft’s own developer evangelist at the Ignite Conference in Chicago a few days ago. According to him, Windows 10 is the last version and as such, everyone at Microsoft is busy working on this OS to make it the best. It is no wonder this OS is taking a little longer, before being released in full to the public.

Windows 10 to be improved through regular updates

This does not however mean that the Windows operating system will soon be disappearing. Hell no! This won’t be happening; rather, Microsoft will simply change the way its improvements are distributed. Instead of coming up with a whole new operating system like with the case of Windows 8 and Window 7, Microsoft will instead roll out improvements, just like with the case of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 will be a service that will be delivered on a continuous basis. Updates will keep coming in and improvements as well as new features will come in through small and regular packages.

Windows 10 has been anticipated by many and since Microsoft announced it earlier this year, thousands have signed up for the Windows Insider Program that involves testing the beta version of this OS. These are the first people that Microsoft expects to start using this OS once it is launched this summer.

Windows 10 to power a variety of devices

It is very hard and early to argue that Microsoft will change the Windows 10 moniker. However, this company is full of surprises and we might see something else come in rather than the usual Windows. This cannot however be confirmed as the company only claims that it will focus on updating the OS as well as allow functionality on a variety of devices that include PCs, phones, Xbox, Surface Hub as well as HoloLens.

Microsoft has labeled the new Windows 10 as the future of computing. If this is true, then we may see this OS stay in use for a long time to come.

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