GTA 5 Online Users on PC Getting Banned by Rockstar for Using Mods

The concept of using mods in games is very common on PC which is why the newly launched GTA 5 on PCgained so much attention.

But, new reports say Rockstar has been banning GTA Online users for simply using cosmetic mods.

Mods is a short term for modifications which players love to use in PC games. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim was a massive hit on Windows platforms because it has some of the hilarious and most entertaining mods you have ever seen in a game. If you had the chance to witness the game, you would have seen the loco rail replacing the dragon in one of the important scenes in the title. Such comical moments always ensure that mods never die.

When GTA 5 got launched on PC, within a week’s time players started creating modifications that let you play as a goat, a gorilla or even a dog in the game. You could explore the world as these animals and even kill pedestrians if you wish to. Everything happens in the single player campaigns while multiplayer was always a confusing area. No one knew whether Rockstar would ban them for using harmless stuff in online matches.

Cosmetic Mods

The difference between productive and cosmetic mods is that the latter is simply a visual change. It could change your gun in GTA 5 to make it look like a chicken or even change your grenade launcher to shoot eggs instead of grenades. They will still blast and kill people around but the damage wouldn’t change.

Recent reports on Reddit confirms that many players who tried using such cosmetic mods on GTA online have been banned. There is complete chaos on the website because people just don’t know why the company would make such changes as all the modifications they used were only in terms of appearance but never gave any unfair advantage in the fights.

Rockstar says it could be a Mistake

In the official help forums, Rockstar confirmed that those who were banned in GTA 5 online matches on PC for using cosmetic changes could be a mistake. They reassured that those who simply use such mods for fun can continue to use them. If their account has been disabled from logging into matches, they can consult the help forums from the company. The developers didn’t reveal an official list of offences which if they do will help modders and players know what they shouldn’t be doing.

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