Clash of Clans – Top Amazing Tips and Tricks For Gems, Walls, Upgrading and Farming

Clash of Clans is a free to play strategy game, but at the same time we can say it’s a pay to win game. Its pay to win because the players who will use a lot of cash in this game, will always be ahead of you or at least in the first weeks of the game. However, if you don’t want to waste much money on this game, here are a few tips and tricks that will come in handy.

Patience is a virtue

Unless you are literally swimming in money, you don’t want to waste your savings on games. We know that not many players are patient when it comes to games, but without patience in Clash of Clans you will end up doing one of these two things: quit or spend money on it.

Don’t spend gems on useless things

Don’t spend Gems to speed up the construction of buildings or to speed up the training time of your troops. Instead, use the gems to buy Builder Huts, because you will need gems to buy those. A Builder Hut is a building that comes with 1 worker, which will work on constructing/upgrading your buildings. If you have 3 Builder Huts, it means that you have 3 workers and that you can construct/upgrade 3 buildings at a time.

The importance of Walls

Even if right at the beginning of the game you can’t cover up your entire village with walls, you will end up covering most of the village with walls. These walls will be very important because they will slow down your attackers while your towers, cannons and mortars will kill them.

Defensive buildings

Right from start of the game, you will notice how important the Cannons, Archer Towers and Mortars are. However, don’t put them next to each other because if you do this, they will not be able to cover a lot of space. Spread them out in your village, in order to defend as many buildings as you can.

Upgrading the Town Hall

As you upgrade the Town Hall, new buildings or levels of current buildings will be unlocked. However, you want don’t rush in upgrading the Town Hall too fast because in case you will attack players that have a lower level of Town Hall than yours, you will get a resource penalty and you will not be able to steal all the available resources from him.


In order to farm easily in Clash of Clans, you will want to keep your Trophy range low. As soon as you notice that you keep getting strong enemies, try losing a few Trophies. To do this, just send only one troop to each of the village you’re attacking. As soon as the troop dies, just get to another village, and continue doing this until you get to your desired Trophy range.


At a low level, this strategy works the best. Try to have as many troops as you can and deploy them in groups, in a way that each group will go for a different building. This strategy will speed up things and in most of cases it will be an easy win.

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