Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date And Features

If you liked the Galaxy Note 4 and you’re ready to upgrade to the new flagship, the only problem is that until now, there weren’t many known details about its specifications. But thankfully, the internet is a place where leaks and rumors are spread with the speed of light. And we’re doing our duty to inform you about the latest rumors we’ve heard on the internet regarding the upcoming premium device.

Release date, price and display

The Galaxy Note 5 will most likely be released in late Q3 (October) and will cost around 900 dollars. This price is justified, because the phone will come with a 4K display which will measure 5.9inches. Its resolution will be 2,160×3,840 pixels at 746 ppi. If we look at these numbers, we can see that the pixel density is almost double that of the iPhone 6 Plus.


The Note 4 came with a 16MP camera with optical image stabilization, and a 3.7MP front camera. The new phablet will feature a 21MP main shooter and a 5MP secondary camera, if we listen to the rumors. The Note 5 would be the first Samsung smartphone with the most powerful cameras.


The Galaxy S6 came with an Exynos 7420 chipset and there’s a possibility that the Note 5 will also feature Samsung’s proprietary chipset, which will compete against Qualcomm upcoming model. The Exynos 7420 is 20 percent faster and consumes 35 percent less power than the Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810.

Battery, power saving mode and WiFi charging

The latest reports are indicating a 4000 mAh battery that will be charged via wireless and will have enhanced power-saving features. However, the Galaxy S6 came with a smaller battery than its predecessor, which worried many fans, and Samsung must take into consideration the power consumption of the 5.9inches 4K display.

Gear VR

The new smartphone will have virtual reality capabilities and will be compatible with the Gear VR device. There are many companies that are working on virtual reality systems, but until the Gear VR will be released, we’ll see how the Oculus Rift project will evolve and if it will beat the biggest rival, Sony’s PS4-based Project Morpheus. With these kinds of devices, video gaming will become realistic, revolutionary and thankfully, the Note 5 will benefit of this capability, by connecting with the Gear VR.

Samsung Pay

Samsung already introduced the mobile payment system on the Galaxy S6 and we’re pretty sure that the Note 5 will have it too. Thanks to this feature, the users can make payments with their Visa or MasterCard cards, and the payment will be approved by a simple fingerprint scan.

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