Apple iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 5 – Reasons to Upgrade your iPhone

The available series of Apple iPhone is one of the leading ranges of smartphones.

The iPhone 6 is undoubtedly the most popular device in the series. Still, if you consider the budget range of Apple device, the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 are two popular options. If you are fond of Apple devices but do not want to exceed your budget in pocketing one, you may probably look for iPhone 4S or its successor.

If you are puzzled whether to choose iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, here are some reasons as to why you must ditch the older version and opt for the iPhone 5.

Screen size

The size-conscious policy of the iPhone developers has played a crucial role in maintaining its screen size. While many companies are busily producing massive screens, the display screen of iPhone has not touched even 5-inches on a measuring scale, till date. When it comes to the iPhone 4S, the smartly-crafted model features a 3.5-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD screen. This screen is too small as per the present standards.

On the other hand, the iPhone 5 comes in a slightly larger, 4-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD screen. Though there is a difference of 0.5-inch only, the iPhone 5 gets an advantage over its predecessor. This is because every prospective buyer opts for a bigger screened-device at present. Therefore, no matter if the iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen, it is still a better option than iPhone 4S’s 3.5-inch display.

Winner: Apple iPhone 5


The iPhone 4S is powered by a 1 GHz Cortex A9 2-core processor with Apple A5 chip. It is powerful and provides a proper base to high-end applications and games. On the contrary, the iPhone 5 comes with a more powerful configuration. It has a 1.3 GigaHertz Swift 2-core processor, with the A6 chipset from Apple.

If you take the OS into consideration, the older model ships with the iOS 5. In contrast, the iPhone 5 offers the iOS 6 to its buyers. Though there is a difference in the preloaded version, both the models are upgradable up to the iOS 8.3.

Winner: Apple iPhone 5


Though the rear camera of both the devices offers an 8 MP lens with LED Flash, there is a significant difference in the secondary camera. The iPhone 5 comes loaded with a 1.2 MP lens in comparison to the VGA camera of iPhone 4S. Therefore, you get better configuration for photography and video chat in the newer version of iPhone.

Winner: Apple iPhone 5

Overall, the iPhone 5 surpasses the iPhone 4S in all fields. Hence, if you are looking for a budget iPhone, you must opt for the iPhone 5 over its predecessor.

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