Will WhatsApp Integrate WhatsApp Plus Features In The Future?

There is no doubt that WhatsApp Plus was extremely popular with users, but when WhatsApp forced them to close you have to wonder what exactly was behind that move. Of course they are going to have partly done it because they feel that the creators were infringing on their copyright, but could there be more going on behind the scenes that we are not party to? Could they be thinking about integrating things into the real app?

It Would Be Easy For Them.

The thing that you need to remember is that it would be very easy for them to integrate those features and they will have surely looked at the popularity of the app and realized that there is a desire to really personalize WhatsApp more than is currently possible. They need to understand that this is something that we love to do as we like things to be unique to us and WhatsApp Plus allowed us to do that quite easily and that is why it proved to be so popular from the outset.

WhatsApp have the experts that can set this up in next to no time, which does make you question why they did not bother to do so already, and the thing that you need to remember is that offering this level of personalization would help to mark them out as being different to the other apps out there. They may already be the most popular app of its kind, but in order to maintain that position you must continue to evolve and this is certainly one direction that is open to them.

What Could It Be Like?

You just have to look at what was possible with WhatsApp Plus to see that we are talking about small changes that should not infringe on the ability of the app to operate. It will allow you to completely redesign your home page and chat screens, so this is going to be a completely different part of the code away from the main part of the app. However, it stands to reason that WhatsApp could take the basic idea of the Plus version and make things bigger and better to make sure that people only ever want the real deal rather than an add-on app

So, what could happen?

  • Remember WhatsApp closed down WhatsApp Plus.
  • WhatsApp Plus was very popular due to being able to personalize things.
  • WhatsApp has the coding ability and technology to create their own version.
  • You could expect being given the chance to change your home screen and chat screens.
  • It would help to keep WhatsApp different from other apps out there.

This is only speculation at this point, but it is a reasonable assumption to make that WhatsApp could very well integrate some of the features that were seen on the Plus add-on app in their very own version. It would be crazy for them to not take advantage of the popularity of WhatsApp Plus as it would certainly make sure that their users would stick by them and see that WhatsApp is about more than just simple instant messages. Keep an eye out for any changes as 2015 could be a big year for the app.

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