5 iPhone Apps Free for a Limited Period of Time

App Store has a vast collection of apps featuring every possible genre for its users including entertainment, games, news, music and a lot more. Most of the apps are available for free but many apps that have additional features cost some amount. We have compiled a list of apps for you that have gone free for a limited period of time offering all the features that were available for some bucks earlier.


As the name indicates, iDatabase is a complete solution for all the information that you might need on your iPhone or iPad. It can catalogue and organize all the information that you need time by time. Even if you are a newbie to catalogues or databases, its easy-to-use design will get you across almost everything. It is easy for everyone to create and manage collections, inventories, lists, and databases. It has been predesigned templates including inventories, membership lists, expenses, projects, recipes, events, etc. Overall it has 22 templates that you can choose from to catalogue your information. Main types are: CD collection, DVD collection, Film catalogues, mobile numbers, Notes, Projects, Car maintenance, things to do, and a lot more. It also has an option to share different templates with other iDatabase users via email. iDatabase was available to download for $1.99 but now it is up for free!

Classic Keyboard

If you miss your old keyboard layout that you used on your computers, then Classic Keyboard is here to restore your memories. With its classic layout it is indeed a convenient keyboard that will increase your productivity for sure. You can enable the classic click sound of typing for every tap you make, and can also switch between Latin and non-Latin keyboards. It also provides its users to change the display color of keyboard from available swatches. Classic Keyboard has over 20 different languages to offer mainly including, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Dansk, Hebrew etc. This app works at its full functionality if you allow full access to it, that you can do without any fear as it do not store your data or send your information anywhere else.

Analog Portland

Analog Portland is an app for Analog Film City Series. It has 10 photographic filters that will provide your photos the Portland feel. Soon this app will provide compatibility with Adobe Lightroom as well. It has various editing tools including Exposure, brightness, contrast, sharpness, temperatures, shadows etc. to further enhance your photos before you apply any of their available Portland filters. It can preserve Exif and GPS data as well. Once you are done with editing and filtering you can share it on many social networks like Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or via Email. Downloading this app now will save you $0.99

Air radio tune

Air radio tune is a global radio tuner for your iPhone. It will provide you access to 10,000 radio stations that you can listen to in the background while doing other chores on your phone. You can search from the name of artist or song, or even update your radio lists from the internet. Even if you have nothing else to do you can enjoy the audio visualizer on its main screen to further enhance your music experience. You can choose from radio stations broadcasted from China, US, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Armenia etc.


iBox is a greatest app of this time. It was ranked among top 100 apps in 8 different countries, featured on the app store in over 150 countries. The idea is simple and amazing, if you are one of those who constantly keep on complaining about lack of space on your phone considering your movies and music needs then iBox is the solution you have been looking for. All you got to do is download this magical app and store all the music and movies you love on your computer and iBox will do all the streaming right from your computer saving you endless amount of memory. You can even save other files on your computer and then access them from iBox and view them right on your phone virtually. For now iBox only supports computer that have Windows as OS but in future iBox is expected to provide its users compatibility options with Mac as well. Another added advantage is that iBox will provide connection with different computers at one time. iBox maintains its own connection with your computer without using any third party, therefore it do not have any synching issues, no monthly storage fees or anything like it.

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