WhatsApp vs Snapchat – Which One You Prefer?

With over 600 million active users worldwide every month, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging app. It was created in 2009. It allows people to send and receive messages, audio, contacts, pictures and video. On the other hand, Snapchat has over 100 million active users and it was launched in 2011. It allows you to snap a photo or a brief video, add a caption and send it. The snaps disappear within 10 seconds. The recipient can take a snapshot if they react quickly. If they do not, they can get a replay once a day.

Each of these apps has its own strengths. Let us delve into them:

* Log on

Since Snapchat is not connected to your phone number, you can use it on devices like tablets, without loading the SIM card. On WhatsApp, accounts are created via verifying the user’s phone number. You need not have a username or password. Your phonebook is synced into the app, so you need not add contacts manually.

* Free Apps

Both apps are free. You can download WhatsApp from some platforms like Google Play or the App Store. After the first year of service, you pay only $0.99 per year.

* Video Chat

SnapChat has a 2-way video chat. You can also have a one-to-one conversation on video.

* Size

Snapchat is a small size app, around 8.7 MB. WhatsApp is a bit bigger as it is 18.6 MB. A smaller app takes up less space on your device.

* Tablet Optimized

Both apps are optimized for tablets. This means that using the app on a tablet provides a great user experience.

* Temporary media

Snapchat only has temporary images which self-destruct in a matter of seconds. This allows you to send daring images. Snapchat also has temporary messages which self-destruct after a short time.

* Photos

With Snapchat, you can draw on photos. Both apps allow you to add captions to your photos.

Which one do you prefer?

If you intend to hold conversations and maintain relationships all around the world, then WhatsApp is the app to go for. The app has features which make conversations better, for instance, emoticons and group chats where you can talk to multiple people simultaneously. There are also no ads on WhatsApp. Snapchat is more of a fun app. It is the best photo app. Snapchat is absolutely free and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Over 400 million snaps are sent daily. The ‘stories’ feature which allows series of snaps to be viewed for 24 hours has made businesses utilize Snapchat as a great marketing opportunity.

As we can see, each app has certain features that can be termed as strengths. If you like to send daring photos and starting conversations based on them; then Snapchat should be your ultimate choice. If conversation is your preferred method of communication, then go for WhatsApp. You can opt to have both apps on your device. This way, you can send Snapshot image and the conversation can go on on WhatsApp.

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