Apple iOS 9 Speculations – What Should Likely be Present in the iOS 9?

The iOS 8 has been running on the Apple devices for half a year.

Users are familiar with the iOS that only had a couple of new features to offer. As Apple offers an upgrade every fall, users are eagerly waiting for the new iOS and are expecting some attractive features to be in it. But along with that, there are a few things which didn’t impress the Apple customers in the existing iOS and hence, users want its improved version in the iOS 9. So what are these features? Let’s find out!

Improved Siri

No doubt Siri has been improving over the years in every upgrade. But it is the human tendency to demand an even better version of an efficient app. With that said, users are looking for an improved version of Siri in the iOS 9. Apple developers offered some improvements in the iOS 8 but users want some more enhancement.

For example, “Hey Siri” functionality has a loophole and has been used by some users to tackle the lock screen. Hence, users want an improvement in the app so that the function cannot be used for unauthentic reasons.

Apart from this, people want better voice quality; just like Microsoft Cortana has an improved and softened voice. More importantly, users are expecting to find a voice recognition feature added to Siri. This is important as every owner wants his phone to work according to his wants only. Presently, the Hey Siri feature can be accessed by anyone; this means that if your Apple device is misplaced or stolen, the functionality will serve the stealer.

Customized Mode for saving battery

While the iPhone is on the verge of being the smartest phone on the planet, why should you worry about its battery percentage! Every user is looking for a custom application that can maximize the device’s efficiency and performance period. To be precise, there must be a custom app that allows users to turn the device into battery saving mode for extending the battery. It should prevent battery drainage in order to add some more hours to the battery efficiency.

Though every user wants the above-described features to be present in the upcoming iOS, it’s too early to notify whether the company is actually working on the development of these areas. The iOS update is expected to release in the month of September after the expected announcement in June. Meanwhile, we will receive more speculations about the upcoming iOS.

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