GoPro Hero 4 Rival – Garmin VIRB Elite Action Camera Specs

VIRB Elite is primarily for outdoor, adventure and sport-like activities. It is good for any season because of its water resistance feature. People enjoy this camera because of its full high definition shooting. It is also good for recording action movies. The camera’s stability is more reliable for photography.


Chroma Display Specialty

It is one of the special features of VIRB Elite Action Camera. It has the ability to capture the movements exactly when you desire. It has preview and playback options for you to choose the shot you wanted. Before doing the movement, you can choose the slow motion mode or you can switch to video mode and can still function for photo shoots at the same time.

High Quality Video Recording

The VIRB Elite action camera can record up to 1080p video in a highly detailed manner. It has 16 megapixels CMOS sensor for a very high quality video. The slow motion function enables you to capture high speed things. You can also edit the colors by adjusting the options. It has multiple video modes such as 1080p at 30fps, 960p at 48fps, 720p at 30fps and for slow motion 848 x 480 at 120fps. It really helps recording high definition resolutions for different events and occasions.

High Definition Photography

A high powered digital VIRB Elite camera has 16 megapixels for capturing images. It makes your photos clearer and less distorted. You can choose different photo capture modes such as single shoot, photo burst or time lapse. All files are processed through a 16 megapixels CMOS processor for high quality photos. You can also adjust the camera options to 16 megapixels, 12 megapixels or 8 megapixels.

Wi-Fi and GPS

Garmin added a highly sensitive GPS and Wi-FI to VERB Elite to have a better control. It allows you to choose GPS-based recording profile which automatically start recording and stops at the desired point. It also has Wi-Fi wireless connection for gadgets to have a remote control for VIRB Elite camera. Using your smartphone or PC, you can preview photos or videos, adjust settings, and start or end the camera.


This is a wireless connectivity which allows you to use a Garmin device like Oregon, Fenix and Edge. These devices will be used as remote controllers for better recordings. No need for you to hold the camera and handlebar because of this wireless controller. ANT+ also functions with external sensors.

Quality Battery

Enjoy recording with a long lasting 2000 mAh battery made up of Lithium ion. It can record 1080p video for a maximum of 3 hours. It is suitable for making movies or recording events. Multiple charging options are also featured and you can extend your filming by carrying extra batteries.

Using VIRB Elite action camera made editing photos easier for photographers. You can also take videos and photographs at the same time. You can switch windows when capturing something. It’s a high quality product and has many features. VIRB Elite costs $399.99 with mounts and a case. Explore more media experiences with the use of Garmin VIRB Elite Action Camera.

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