Angry Birds Transformers – Taking its Time with Countdown Timers

What’s Different?

The latest release from Rovio is Angry Birds Transformers, in the line of the Angry Birds game. This game is a little different from the slingshot launch of birds aimed at defeating the evil pigs. The Angry Birds Transformers is aimed at destroying the enemies by shooting them while running towards them. Another difference this time is that the birds and pigs seem to have settled their animosity and differences. They now team up for saving Piggy Island and protect it from EggSpark. EggSpark is an evil empire, attempting to control the island. Each of the levels in Angry Birds Transformers has to be completed with a new set of strategies.

A Freemium Title

The new title, Angry Birds Transformers, is a freemium game and has several timers that will keep you waiting or selecting the option of making a currency payment.

All the usual characters seen in the original Angry Birds are also found in Angry Birds Transformers. In addition, you no longer have to depend on the stubby legs and the primitive wings of the birds, but rather on a robot type of body. Now, you will find that Red has become Optimus Prime, Chuck is now Bumblebee and Chef Pig is now Shockwave, etc. Each of the characters comes with unique weapons and powers.

How to Progress

You can progress through the game by upgrading the abilities of each of the characters. This is done by spending coins that are earned when you have destroyed the pigs and blocks and by completing levels. When the characters level up through these upgrades, more and more sections of the Pig Island are visible and can be unlocked by using the coins.

Shooting Action

In previous Angry Birds games, players had a slingshot for flinging the character over the screen and planning an attack for destroying a stack or blocks that have been prearranged. When the characters that are flung reached the target, the blocks were destroyed and the pigs were destroyed. However, there is no such slingshot action in Angry Birds Transformers, but rather a new gameplay with requiring you to shoot them up. The new spin off takes the player and makes him fly to a level and jump out of his spaceship. He then begins to run horizontally and shoot the enemies and their structures. Players have to tap on their screens for selecting attack points. The character starts shooting while running through each level.

You can destroy the enemy with a single shot or with several shots, but all the time you will also be taking shots and will have to convert to vehicular form to protect yourself from the falling pillars. It takes some practice to pinpoint the exact spot that you want to aim at. The attacking angle also shifts along with the movement of the character, so you need to adjust the aim and fire correctly.

Countdown Timers

Since it is a freemium game, it comes with a countdown timer. Once you have completed a level, the EggSpark starts putting it back and rebuilding it. You can then start with another character, but the rebuilding could take some time, so you have to stop playing for some time. You can also speed up this process by paying in the form of gems collected during gameplay. However, if you don’t have any gems, you can also pay up real money and buy more gems.

Another timer in the game is that when you rebuild the characters’ health or while upgrading with the use of coins, you will have to wait. You can use gems in this case too, but they might soon be finished. This is one way in which the game forces you to take a break.

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