WhatsApp: Download The App For 100% Free Calls and Messages

For iPhone and Android users, WhatsApp is an incredibly useful messaging platform. The app offers more features than the competition and more reliable performance. Nearly a billion people use the app on a regular basis, and other messaging platforms can’t match that figure.

Recently, WhatsApp implemented a calling feature that allows users to contact each other through a data or Internet connection. This means that the app now provides users with every solution to contact each other. Few platforms are more complete today.

How does WhatsApp work?

Like other messaging apps, WhatsApp relies solely upon a connection to the Internet to function. A smartphone’s data connection or another wireless Internet connection work here. The app doesn’t utilize SMS or MMS protocols to send and receive messages, though. With this app, users can contact each other through various means. Non-users cannot contact users without signing up for the platform themselves. Sign-up is completely free, so non-users don’t have to pay a dime to become registered and chat with their friends.

How can I download WhatsApp?

WhatsApp can be downloaded through both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Either way, users will download essentially the same app between both platforms. Few differences are evident, and the download file is less than 50 megabytes. The average connection will download this app and install it within a couple of minutes. At that point, a simple verification process is required in order to get started. Moments later and users are prepared to contact other WhatsApp users at the touch of a button.

A Look at Calling and Messaging Features

Thanks to WhatsApp, users can send free text and picture messages to each other. Audio and video messages are possible on this platform, too. All of these messages are sent and received free of charge. Therefore, smartphone owners can ditch their costly texting plans in favor of WhatsApp without missing a beat. Messages of all types are delivered quickly, so users aren’t stuck waiting around for a response. Premium messages are offered at no cost, and that alone can save a user countless amounts of money.

VoIP calls are a relatively new addition to WhatsApp, though users have clamored for this feature for months. Rumors ran wild a few months ago, and WhatsApp finally announced its calling feature in early 2015. Currently, the feature is available to most users, and everyone should have access to calls before May 2015. The feature lets users talk to each other as if they have started a regular phone conversation. A stable Internet connection is required here, but voice quality is high compared to competing apps.

Free Messages and Calls Have Never Been So Easy!

Virtually anyone with a smartphone can download WhatsApp right now without a hassle. From there, users can start placing free calls to each other, or they can send free messages. WhatsApp continues to see explosive growth because it’s a free service that offers value to its users. Competing apps can’t hope to catch up with this platform, and a dedication to constant improvements helps explain this situation to outsiders.

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