Android L vs Android KitKat – New Top Features From Next Version Of Android

Android 5.0 L vs. Android KitKat: Security

Google has always done a decent job when working on the operating system’s security level always coming up with new ways of upgrading the security like facial recognition and pattern unlocks. When Android KitKat was released, we didn’t see any innovating traits in this department – but the OS didn’t bring any problems when it came to security. The Android 5.0 Lollipop will come with some new features which will hopefully up the security. Google wants to do this by two methods: using Android Wear and finding your current location.

Android Wear is a great idea, but it also involves some risk. The basic idea is that if you bought the Android smartwatch, you can unlock your phone by just putting these two together. The phone will detect the smartwatch being in the proximity and unlock your phone instantly. The downside to this is that if someone steals both your smartphone and your smartwatch – they will get access to your data.

The second method is setting up a location where your phone will unlock automatically by using your current location. For example, you set up your home’s address – and when you are home, your phone won’t go through the sometime annoying process of the password unlock.

Android 5.0 L vs. Android KitKat: Notifications 

Google is making some major changes with the notifications, which brings us nothing but joy. The search engine has always been known to have some great features when it comes to notification delivery, but Android L will come with even more exciting features. Google has previously experimented with widgets and showing your emails on the lock screen, but with this new operating system they want to show off your notifications in the lock screen.

Google is also experimenting with call receiving. What do we mean by that? Previously, with the KitKat version, if you received a call you were interrupted from any activity you were in the middle of on your handset: be it a game, reading an email, talking in a messenger app, etc. Now, Google wants to give you the option of not taking the call without even leaving your current activity – the call will appear somewhere in the upper side of the screen and you will be able to stop the call with just one touch.

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