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Introducing Clan Wars

Clash of Clans is a very popular strategy game from Supercell, with the latest addition of a new feature: Clan Wars. With this feature, entire clans can go into battle on a large scale of battling for two days and win lots of loot and other spoils. If you are wondering how to get into a clan and how to start a clan war, here are some tips for doing so.

Getting Started

To start a clan war, the first thing to do is to rebuild the clan castle. In order to this, you will need 40,000 gold, but with this amount you can either start a clan or join another clan. For entering a clan war, you can either start your own clan or join an existing one. If you wish to start your own clan, you can tap on the castle and select the clan button. You can then select Create Clan from the tab and then select the name, badge, description, the kind of invite – either only by invite or open to all and so on. You will also have to set the minimum trophy number, so that very low-level players will not join your clan.

Joining a Clan

For those who don’t want to start a clan by themselves, there is an option of joining a clan started by another player. To do this, you must tap on your clan castle and then select the Clan button. Select one of the clans from the list or make use of the ‘Search’ for selecting something suitable for you. Click on the clan name that you have selected and then click on the Green Join button. When the creator of the clan has accepted you, you will become a member of the clan. You will be able to view the chat in the chat panel found on the left part of the game screen. The global chat is also another source for finding clans who are on the lookout for new members. You can hit on View Clan and then tap on Join in the clan screen.

Eligible Members

While selecting members for your clan, you will need a minimum of ten eligible members for starting a clan war. You can opt for inviting friends directly or go through the global chat for asking others to join your clan. The leader or the co leader of the clan must hit the war button, which is seen in the form of two swords that clash with each other. You then click on the Start War button to start the battle. Leaders are allowed to make other members into a co leader of the clan. Your clan will then get matched with another clan for battle. Just follow the instructions on the screen, which will offer details regarding preparation day as well as the battle day.

What is Eligibility?

Members of a clan are considered ineligible for a battle in case they had left other clans when a war was in progress. They can be eligible for the war only if the previous war is finished. While going for a clan war, you must check out your list to see whether any members are ineligible and also find out when they will become eligible once more. This is because these members will not be able to participate in the war if you start the war with ineligible members in your clan.

Spectator Mode

You must be a part of the clan when the leader presses on the Start War button. In case you join the clan after the person presses the button, you are merely a spectator and will be in the spectator mode. In some cases, some members are put in the spectator mode, in order to make the numbers of the warring clans even. Those members having the lowest number of trophies are usually put in the spectator mode.

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