Download WhatsApp for Free and Find Out Why It’s the Best Chat App Today

WhatsApp is a great app that’s popular to many smartphone users today.

It’s a cross-platform messaging app that allows for a free communication platform to your loved ones, even the ones who are abroad. You don’t have to pay for expensive call rates to reach them because with WhatsApp, you can chat with them over Wi-Fi or your phone’s 3G or data plan. With almost a billion active users monthly, WhatsApp is one of the best mobile apps and a great find because you can save a lot of money by using the app.

Free Download WhatsApp

If you’re still looking for a chat app to use for your communication with your family and friends, download WhatsApp and find out that you’re probably the last one in your family and among your friends to download the app. WhatsApp is very popular to smartphone users because of its seamless communication which you will experience by downloading the app. You can download WhatsApp from the Google Play Store if you’re using an Android device and from the Apple’s App Store if you’re using an iOS device.

Instant Messaging Feature

WhatsApp allows users to send instant messages for free. It doesn’t support free voice and video calls at the moment but despite this, it’s still widely used by millions of people globally. Because of this, WhatsApp is looking to be the best alternative to regular SMS. You can now stop sending regular texts and use WhatsApp instead, especially because many people are communicating over the internet these days. Unlike regular SMS, you can send photos and videos using WhatsApp for free.You don’t have to pay to receive MMS if you’re online in WhatsApp.

Send Offline Messages

One of the advantages of using messaging apps like WhatsApp is that even when you’re offline, other people can still send you messages and photos. These will be saved in your chat conversation and will become available once you go online. Even if the other person is offline, you can continue to send them messages and they won’t be lost in the conversation.

Voice Calling Feature Soon

If you continue to hang out with WhatsApp, you will benefit from its upcoming service soon. Reports that the app will soon add free voice calls in its service have begun circulating for over a year but now it’s getting more real as screenshots of its beta version has also begun circulating on the internet. According to reports, WhatsApp will offer voice calls for free as well. This is probably to take on its other rivals such as Skype, Tango, and Viber that are already offering the same feature. It will not be long before WhatsApp starts offering free video calls like its rivals.

Simple to Use

If you ask WhatsApp users what they like most about the app, many of them will answer its simple usability. WhatsApp is easy to use and doesn’t have many confusing controls. You can use it without a lot of tutorials and it is self-explanatory – from its download to registering your mobile number and to chatting with your contacts.

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