Halo 3 ODST Free Master Chief Collection

It seems that the Halo: The Master Chief received an update, which a lot of gamers hoped to get. The Halo 3: ODST is now available for free, for everyone that has The Master Chief Collection.

After several delays, the game was released back in 2009 for Xbox 360. However, now the game can be played on Xbox One also, since the developers added it to the Master Chief collection.

The game was spotted on May 30, 2015 on Xbox Live, when the players that own Halo: The Master Chief Collection have seen the Halo 3: ODST as a free downloadable content.

It seems that a new map is called Remnant and has made its way to the game, which is somehow a “reboot” of a very popular map from the Halo 2 game. The map is themed after Relic and it is considered as a “revisit” to that “old” map.

The new updated Halo: The Master Chief Collection comes with over 100 new achievements. These achievements are somehow relevant to the changed gaming experience, combined with some other achievements that are related to the new map that just got added. Also, the players have now the possibility to search for gamer tags. There will also some future minor updates to the campaign mode too, but those are not that significant.

The developers made also some very important improvements to matchmaking. It seems that the players are not penalized for quitting the game in the middle of the match. Without any doubts, there will be a lot of players who will want to try out the Halo 3 ODST now, especially if they have The Master Chief Collection, since, as we have told you above, they will receive the content for free.

Have you played Halo 3: ODST yet? Tell us your thoughts about the new update!

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