How to Increase Apple Watch Home Screen App Icons Size

It has been noticed that tapping on the icons in Apple Watch is confrontational because of the small size of the icons but we are making it quite easy for you by increasing the size of the icons.

Small sized icons usually brings up lot of frustration and annoyance when you are in hurry and want to launch an app but you keep on tapping the other app icons causing delay in your work and increasing excessive battery usage. However, increasing the icons size reduces some of the 3D motion effects but if you cannot tap any icon it does not matter how nice it looks or if you have longer fingers it is the same thing. By increasing the size of the icons on the apple watch screen makes it easier to tap on the icons during on rush hours or so.

We have outlined these easy steps that you can follow to achieve the desired result.

1.       Tap on the settings app on your Apple Watch

2.       Tap General

3.       Tap Accessibility

4.       Turn on the reduce motion option

Simple! Now you can feel the difference between sizes of your Apple Watch’s icons as compared to previous ones. It will allow an easy usage of your Apple Watch. By enlarging the size of your icons you can easily tap on the particular icon which you want to open.

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