Clash of Clans – Forget About Getting Raided Using A Simple Hack

If you’re one of the 50 million people who installed this game on an Android or iOS device, then you’ve become addicted to Clash of Clans and you’re spending hours playing it. This means that the game became very popular and the players are desperate to log into the game to avoid getting raided, because while they were away, other players attacked them and stole their resources. What if we’d tell you that you won’t have to worry anymore about being exposed to attacks?

Erwin Goslawski developed RepetiTouch, a “robot” that will play for you and you will trick the game that you’re actually playing. Just record a few screen taps and let the robot use them continuously until you’ll log back into the game. This way, RepetiTouch will play on an infinite loop and the other players will believe that you’re active and won’t attack you.

If you have a HTC One or other smartphone that can run Clash of Clans, first you have too root it. For other Android devices you can use the TowelRoot method, and only this way you will be able to run this application.

RepetiTouch comes in two versions: RepetiTouch Free and RepetiTouch Pro, which costs $0.99 and it’s available on Google Play. The second version has more features and supports movable/flippable panels, it allows you to edit your recordings and has a Locale/Tasker plugin. After you’ll download RepetiTouch, install it and open it.

As we were saying, this application records taps and to start recording them, first of all, you’ll have to open RepetiTouch and you’ll find it in the application’s main screen. Tap Start and somewhere in the right side of the screen you’ll notice four symbols. Tap on the circle to start recording and when you’ll stop recording, the button will be replaced with a square button. To play the recorded touches, press the triangle button and to make an infinite loop, type “inf”.

To go to Settings, type the star button, and after saving the touches, tap Exit. A Pro feature will allow you to move the box around the screen by pressing the compass symbol.

So, if you want to trick your adversaries that you’re active in the game, use this application and they will think that you’re building or digging mines. Other things you can do with this application: taking custom time-lapse photos etc.

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