Windows 10 vs OS X Yosemite – It’s Microsoft vs Apple In Best Desktop UI War

Many of the Windows users were not extremely happy with the Windows 8, and now they’re waiting anxiously for Windows 10 to be released later this year. But even if it was a big disappointment because of the missing Start Menu, Windows 8 was sold pretty well, being shipped 250 million licenses for PC from all over the world. Because of the confusing Metro UI, many traditional desktop users and business people returned to Windows 7, or downloaded Windows 10 Technical Preview, which normally should be available only to developers. Apple’s OS X Yosemite offers a great experience, but we’ll talk more about it in this article.

Apple focused on bringing an aesthetical desktop UI and they managed to make the OS X Yosemite they way their users would have wanted. It has a flat desktop UI applied to iOS 7 and has a theme that was inspired by OS X Mavericks, but the new features include an integrated notification center, an improved iMessage, and the ones who like Continuity and Handoff will have a better experience. Other companies already integrated similar features on their devices that run on Android, but Apple made them more accessible to their users. They can use iCloud to store data and manage it more easily, both on OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

If you remember Windows 7, then you remember Metro UI, which was imported to Windows 8, but unfortunately, the combination between the usual Desktop interface with Metro on laptops and computers with normal screens, not touchscreens, confused a lot of users and they wanted the old interface back, despite of Microsoft’s efforts to bring an innovative user experience.

The company failed and they understood that the mobile experience should be kept on mobile devices. Windows 10 will borrow some elements from the Windows 8.1, taking advantage of the new UI (live tiles and unified search), but will bring back the popular Start Screen and will allow the users to run Metro applications in full screen mode, along with the traditional Windows applications. Microsoft stole some of Apple’s features – Spotlight, and built them to function in a similar way, and brought virtual desktops and improved the multitasking mode. But the borrowings happened in the other camp as well, as Yosemite stole the full screen mode from Windows.

The dual interface from the Windows 8 confused a lot of customers because they weren’t ready for this change, and the same thing happened when the Windows XP users upgraded to Windows Vista. And many users weren’t prepared for the multi-touch experience, but once they got used to it, they no longer craved for the Start Menu, and now they’re curious to see how Windows 10 will change their lives.

Apple is self-confident that their OS X Yosemite is the best product so far, being rich in features such as Continuity or the integration of messaging and phone with the desktop, having also on-board applications like calendar or mail, that contribute to the improvement of the user experience.

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