Google Play Apps Not Downloading? How You Can Solve It Now

Have you ever found an application on Play Store that interests you? After downloading the application you receive a download error message and does not indicate what the problem exactly is. This can be pretty annoying, especially when you need the application to various important functions. Many at times, with this error, you can try replacing and reinstalling the app but to no avail. If you have received such download errors, here are some solutions to get rid of this error. 

Activate download Manager 

The first obvious reason why an application refuses to download is when the download manager has been deactivated. If you have deactivated the download manager, Google Play Store will not work. It will constantly bring errors throughout the download and installation process. To solve this, go to settings, click App manager, then head to the ‘All apps’ tab. Search for the download manager app and click on it. It should display information about it and whether it is deactivated or not. If it is deactivated, activate it to get the downloading process on Google Play Store working.

Network error 

The download error could also occur due to poor or no network connectivity. This error message will quite often come as a retry downloading the application later error. When Play Store cannot connect to the internet on your Android device, you will not be able to download any apps. This could be due to a proxy error or due to disabling the background data.

To enable background data, go to data plan from settings and scroll down. You will be able to view all applications that use data, if the restricted background data on Play Store option is ticked, then background data for this app has been disabled. Click on the tick to enable the application.

Error processing purchase

Google Play could display a download error indicating error in processing purchase. This occurs when you try to download an application and the download process is not successful. This error may not go away if you try to download another application. You therefore need to go to settings and clear data on Google Play Store. After deleting data, try running and installing the app to ensure that it works well.

Downloads and updates impossible

When download and updates continually become impossible, you may need to remove and replace your account. To do this, go to accounts, hit remove account. Reboot your android device and set up your account once again. You may need to clear all data from the Play Store application for this option to work quite well. 

The download is ‘forbidden’

If the download displays a forbidden error, it could be due to two Google accounts being used to buy applications for one device. You can solve this by uninstalling the app in question then trying to download it from Google Play again. Additionally, you may have to clear proxies then afterwards reinstate that proxy again. 

If you have consistently received download error when downloading an application from the Google Play Store market, you know how much annoying this is. Hopefully, the above tips and tricks will enable you get the downloading process working again. 

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