WhatsApp Vs Telegram – Features Comparison

WhatsApp and Telegram are the two leading messaging applications today. Telegram is the most recent, though less popular and has emerged to give some little competition to WhatsApp’s 450 million user base.

With the recent takeover of WhatsApp by Facebook , Telegram may just have gotten the break it needs. But what makes one better than the other?


  1. Both use the same identification formula (mobile number) and are very similar in the user interface, even the conversation view.
  2. You can still chat on groups; send pictures on videos on Telegram too.


  1. WhatsApp is relatively slow compared to Telegram. With telegram, instances of hanging are less and it is lighter on the phone RAM.
  2. You can install Telegram on multiple devices using one number and use them all concurrently while WhatsApp only allows use of one number per device.
  3. While WhatsApp requires an Android emulator for use on PC, Telegram has an app for easy use on your computer. Mobile apps are surely there.
  4. WhatsApp limits user access to messages by only allowing use on one device while Telegram, with the multiple device access points, you are able to receive your messages anywhere including on a desktop and laptop.
  5. The only issue of contention with Telegram may be its security which so far has not been tested. However, Telegram has issued a $200,000 bounty to anyone who could hack them exuding confidence in their security systems. WhatsApp has not had any reason to make users to doubt their security.
  6. WhatsApp has a pop-up message always reminding the user that they have to buy the app after a year of service. However, Telegram is an open source app and doesn’t charge users anything for using the app.
  7. The only thing that may inconvenience Telegram user is that very few people are using it unlike WhatsApp.
  8. If you wanted to create bigger groups then Telegram is for you with group capacity of up to 200 people, way more than WhatsApp’s 20-30 membersper group.
  9. So you are using WhatsApp and you are tired of your large videos being trimmed? Telegram offers up to 1GB of uninterrupted data transfers between users. This means virtually all your videos can be accommodated for transfer on this app.
  10. There is the secret chat option on Telegram where messages get deleted after a certain timeframe set by the user. On WhatsApp, you’re going to have to do it manually.
  11. Telegram can attach any kind of file on your SD card and have some issues with attaching contacts while WhatsApp limits what you can attach to videos, pictures, contacts and audio files.
  12. When texting on Telegram, 2 ticks means that the message has been read unlike on WhatsApp where it could simply mean the message has reached the desired contact. It removes the uncertainty of unreceived messages.
  13. While group chatting, Telegram shows you who is online in the group and who is not. On WhatsApp this is still manual so that you have to check each contact to know if they are online.

So armed with this insight into the two apps it is now up to the user to decide between the two as to which suits them best.

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