Read WhatsApp Messages on Your Desktop

Thanks to updates to the app, it is now possible for you to read your WhatsApp messages directly on your desktop and this in itself is quite an advance in technology. This is something that a lot of people are going to find very useful and the good news is that it does not involve a third party app, but instead it is something that WhatsApp themselves have brought to the table, so there is no need to worry about the installation or any other security issue.

How Does It Work?

So, how does this actually work? How is it possible to read messages from an actual app on your desktop? In all honesty it is easier than you think and it is due to the creation of WhatsApp Web and this is something that really works in tandem with Google Chrome. The important part here is that your WhatsApp is still managed and controlled by your phone, but it then uses data connections to allow you to view messages on your computer.

For it to work, you do need the latest version of their app and do be aware that people using iOS could run into problems with it working thanks to Apple. When you install the app, you will see an option for WhatsApp Web and you need to tap on this before moving onto the next step.

This next step is to go to the website and you will see a QR code that you are going to be asked to scan with your smartphone. This will then sync the app, your phone, and your desktop allowing you to view your messages on your computer rather than having to physically move and pick up your phone all of the time.

Does It Work Well?

The short answer here is that yes it does work very well indeed and it is a rather cool idea by WhatsApp and you can see how it would be useful in a number of situations. The fact that they have launched it themselves is an added bonus, as we previous stated, as it means you can trust it at all times and everything will indeed work smoothly. How popular it is remains to be seen, but there has to be a number of people out of their 700 million users that would think that this is a wonderful idea.

So, you can check your messages on your desktop by:

  • Downloading and installing the latest version of the app.
  • Be aware that iOS will not support it directly.
  • You have to use Google Chrome to get it to work.
  • You need to go to a web page and scan a QR code to sync your phone with your computer.
  • WhatsApp themselves have created the web browsing option.

This is a cool feature brought to you by WhatsApp and it will certainly prove to be useful for a number of people who simply cannot be bothered to go and pick up their phone every single time they receive a message. It is a simple idea, but it is effective and the only downside is the issue it has with the iOS system, but then that is out of the hands of WhatsApp and the blame is firmly at the door of Apple.

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