How to Get a Date on WhatsApp

Dating on WhatsApp can be very easy if you know how, what and when to do things the right way on this free messenger platform. You can easily get a date on WhatsApp if you utilize the easy to use features of this social media tool. Here are some major insights on how to get a date on WhatsApp easily.

* Upload a ‘Charming’ Profile Photo 

Your WhatsApp profile photo tells a lot about you. It gives impressions to others on who you really are. Always take the best snaps for profile pictures. It is important that the photo should be your own or if not possible be of something you really value. Online dating experts have pointed out that people who avoid uploading profile pictures on their WhatsApp accounts are either not ready to meet their other half or are afraid to be real.

Uploading your best photo will give you an upper hand when you sent a text to a potential date. Most people will first look at your photo and if they find something interesting, then they will have a positive feedback. You can then pick it from there and ask them for lunch or dinner later on.

* Join WhatsApp Dating Groups

There are thousands of WhatsApp dating groups with members from all over the world. You can join such groups by providing your contacts and letting the group admin add you to their exclusive dating programs. This is an easy way of finding your match as you will have contacts with thousands of men and women ready to be your date. WhatsApp groups are emerging as simple and easy way of hooking up with a partner of your choice. You can also start up your own WhatsApp dating group and add contacts from your phone-book and thereafter find a perfect date for your day.

* Be Active on WhatsApp

It is easy to find someone to love if your account is always active. A dormant will not attract many potential dates for you. Also remember to use an attractive name for your WhatsApp account. Put your real name and avoid user names that will put off your contacts. Names that suggest that you are only after sex will do little to win you a date in WhatsApp. Be friendly to those you text on the platform. Do not talk ill to someone just because they did not reply to your message.

Always be active and polite to your WhatsApp contacts as you ask them for a date. Understand them if they give excuses. There is always next time. Also remember to be slightly aggressive in your approach to potential dates by showing them how happy you would be if they agreed to your plans.

* Check your Account Settings

Lastly, it is important to set your WhatsApp privacy accounts in a friendly mode. Do not block strangers from sending you a message, unless they are harassing you or making you uncomfortable with their texts. Strangers may turn out to be the best dates you have ever had. Always respond pleasantly to any texts you receive on WhatsApp. Potential dates sometimes start as complete strangers before becoming your dream partner.

Allow people to view your profile picture and “last seen” status for easy communication. You can easily get a date if you allow everyone to view your profile photo and updates on WhatsApp.

These are the top tips to finding a date in WhatsApp as compiled by our dating experts. Remember to download the WhatsApp mobile application today as you start your hunt for a perfect partner. 

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