Will Google Still Be Widely Used In The Future?

Currently, Google is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Apple is worth more money, but more people use Google’s products and services today. Over a billion people use Google search, and the same figure applies to Android OS users. Plus, more than 500 million people have Gmail accounts and Google+ accounts. The fact of the matter is that Google’s services are integrated into countless peoples’ lives today. That’s been the case for quite some time, and it won’t change anytime soon either.

Google: King of Search, Mobile, Email, and Other Services

Since Google offers multiple products and service, the company is able to extend its reach among consumers and businesses. Everyone knows someone that uses Google search, or owns an Android smartphone and tablet. Otherwise, countless people love their Gmail accounts or can’t live without the Chrome Browser. Google operates all of these things and more, so nearly two billion people collectively use its services. No other company can claim to have such a far-reaching popularity among consumers and businesses alike.

Google Compared To Other Companies

Search engines like Bing and Yahoo! have a fraction of the users as Google right now. Less than a billion people use Apple’s iOS devices, but Google eclipsed a billion active users some time ago. As previously mentioned, half a billion people use Gmail as their email client. Outlook (formerly Hotmail) and Yahoo! Mail have numbers that pale in comparison to that figure. No browser has more users than Google Chrome, and that number continues to climb each day. Simply put, Google is dominating other companies across the board.

But, will we still use services and products from Google in the future?

The fact that Google is so popular today doesn’t mean that it will remain popular in the future. In reality, any company can experience a fall from grace, and this one is no different. People will undoubtedly be using Google’s services and products in the future. Those numbers could take a dive due to increased competition and innovation moving forward, though. Of course, Google is an innovative company, but a given company can’t innovate everything. Someone else will always step up and bring something new to the table.

Still, chances are high that Google will remain popular and widely used in 10 years, and likely even in 20 years. The user base of Google’s products and services will eclipse two billion people worldwide soon enough. Growth hasn’t stopped with these products either, so such numbers will continue to increase. For that reason, it’s fair to expect Google to rise higher as long as innovation continues within the company.

Google’s Future: Just As Bright As Its Present

For now, few companies can compete with Google’s products and services. They’re consistently ranked higher than the competition and come with more innovative features. Everything looks bright for the company right now, and that’s not going to change in the foreseeable future. In a few decades, the company might not exist for whatever reason, but people are still going to be using Google until its very last days. That’s going to be true in five years, 10 years, 20 years, and even in 30 years.

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