Clash of Clans – Top Tactics and Secrets For Your Victory

One of the most played strategy games on mobile devices is developed by Supercell and it is called Clash of Clans. Released back in 2012 for iOS, later in 2013 it came for Android as well. Today we’re going to discuss about some tactics and secrets that will most likely bring your victory in this awesome game.

Fight back

When you will start playing this game, you will see that many people will attack your village. You should fight back as soon as you get the chance, since that will help you
“balance” the score. To do this, you will have a “Revenge” button, so use it whenever you think you will win the fight.

How to use Archers

Archers can destroy vulnerable buildings with ease. Just check your opponent’s strength and see which buildings are vulnerable and where your archers will attack without being hit by towers or cannons. This way, you will destroy buildings without losing any troop.

Manage well your resources

Many players think that if they train the most expensive troops, they are doing the right thing. In Clash of Clans, you should think twice before you train a troop, based on their cost and how efficient they will be for you. For instance, there are cheaper troops that can do the job, getting you the same resources you would get with some expensive troops.

Save your Gems

Try saving Gems frequently and use them only when it is really needed. For example, if you are being attacked and you want to build a defensive unit or train some defensive troops, use some Gems to do that instantly, without having to wait a few minutes. Always use Gems as a last instance solution.

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