How To Download WhatsApp Plus Now

WhatsApp is currently one of the best, if not the best, instant messaging app in the world. You can hardly come across any Smartphone user who doesn’t have this amazing app on his or her device. As at January 2015, the number of WhatsApp registered users was said to have surpassed the 700 million mark. Currently, WhatsApp has unveiled its recent version:

The “WhatsApp

plus” and it’s already making waves. WhatsApp plus comes with exciting features that allows its users make to customize its interface. It also comes with an anti-ban reborn version as well as bug fixes.

The major features of WhatsApp Plus

I. It allows its users to adjust its default media uploading limits from 16MB to 50MB, which is very important for those who love to upload lots of files. Its previous media uploading limits for its former version was 12MB.

II. It allows its users to customize the WhatsApp color icon to green, purple, orange, and red. The current default color for the WhatsApp color is blue while its previous version is green, and you can also change the notification color on WhatsApp plus.

III. The new WhatsApp plus allows you to change the color of your WhatsApp e.g. background color, chat header color etc while the older version of WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to change color.

IV. The new WhatsApp plus allows its users to send high quality images, but it will give you the option of reducing the quality, just in case you need upload media files faster. The older versions don’t allow high quality images to be sent. The quality of images on the older WhatsApp version is reduced automatically once you try to send it.

V. In other to check up your friend’s status in the older version of WhatsApp, you’d have to select them individually whereas the status of your friends will be displayed below the chat in the new WhatsApp.

VI. You can’t send voice messages using the old WhatsApp but you can send voice messages using the WhatsApp Plus messenger.

VII. The new WhatsApp plus gives you the ability to change the look of your WhatsApp, because it has a variety of themes you can use to change its look. The old WhatsApp doesn’t have the ability to change themes.

How To Install WhatsApp Plus

It must be noted that WhatsApp plus isn’t available on Google’s Play Store, but you can download from third party sites. These are the procedures needed to successfully install WhatsApp Plus.

1. First, you’d to download WhatsApp plus but don’t install It immediately, because you’ll need to backup your old WhatsApp data and then delete the old WhatsApp messenger

2. In other to backup your previous data, go to settings, click on chat settings and then click backup conversations

3. The old WhatsApp messenger should be deleted once the old backup is complete, and then install the new WhatsApp plus. You should see a blue welcome screen.

4. After the welcome screen, you’d be asked to enter your mobile number. Enter it and complete the restoration process. When it asks for a name, you can input any name you want.

5. The initialization stage, and this occurs when WhatsApp is restoring your previous messages

6. After initialization, your new WhatsApp Plus messenger should launch and it’ll show on its screen a change of log information, just hit ok and you are good to go.

In conclusion, the WhatsApp plus messenger is a major improvement on its previous versions. You must not forget that WhatsApp plus cannot be found on Google’s Play Store, so extra caution must be exercised when downloading it from third party sites. The WhatsApp plus comes with a whole new exciting interface which combines effectively with its amazing features to give customers a thrilling experience.

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