WhatsApp Plus Free Download for iPhones – How to Install?

While WhatsApp might be very well-known to every smartphone user, WhatsApp Plus is not that popular.

Despite the huge popularity the original WhatsApp enjoys, it is nowhere near the clone WhatsApp Plus when it comes to the features it offers.

The ability to access more features on WhatsApp Plus has made many users of WhatsApp give up on using the original app in favor of the unofficial messenger.

Why is WhatsApp Plus unofficial?

WhatsApp Plus is a clone app that makes use of a duplicate code that it has borrowed from the original WhatsApp. While the mother app had no issues with this app initially, Google banished the app from its Android app store. This was largely associated with the copyright of the app and such stuff. However, WhatsApp Plus existed via third party websites and this continued until recently when Facebook-owned WhatsApp issued a cease to exist notice to WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus developers went ahead and came up with a ban-free version after they realized that their users were being banned by WhatsApp for periods of 24 and 72 hours. It is now possible to use WhatsApp Plus without any fears of being banned.However, this is only possible on Android devices.

WhatsApp Plus for iPhones

Users of Android devices have been enjoying the services of WhatsApp for quite some time now. However, it has not been easy for iPhone users as far as accessing the services of WhatsApp Plus is concerned.

If you own an iPhone and have been longing for the day when you can at least get a chance to use this amazing application on your iOS device, here’s your chance. The next section will detail out how you can download and install the latest version of WhatsApp Plus on your device and start enjoying free messaging services.

How to install WhatsApp Plus on an iPhone

There is a way to install WhatsApp Plus on your iPhone. However, there is a catch in using this trick and it’s that you must jailbreak your iPhone. After jailbreaking the phone, you will also need to make some Cydia tweaks before you can download the WhatsApp Plus app.

Once you have installed the application on your device, you can enter your usual phone number and your new WhatsApp Plus account will be verified.

Why install WhatsApp Plus on your iPhone?

WhatsApp Plus will offer you more than you get with WhatsApp. You can change the appearance of the app by adjusting the font size, colors as well as changing the themes. You can also change the background of the app as well as its icon.

In short, WhatsApp Plus will offer you numerous customization options that will turn the app personal and thus kill the boredom that had become a norm with the original app.

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