Why Skype is Still the Best Voice and Video Calling App Ever

Of all the voice and video call offering apps, Skype is the most established and popular app for video calling and chatting.

This app has a variety of features that make the services it offers a lifetime experience.

One good thing about this app is its availability on multiple devices including Smartphones, PCs and Macs. Today, we live in a competitive world and this is true when it comes to the voice and video calling industry. However, Skype has maintained its hold and it keeps acquiring more users. There are even people who have become addicts of this app.

But what makes Skype keep its position at the top of the list of the best apps for voice and video calling?

Skype Maintains Constant Updates    

As earlier noted, Skype is not the only app offering these services. As a result, each app’s developer is constantly on the watch-out and keeps rolling out new features that’ll keep users loyal as well as make the app better. This is something developers of Skype have been aware of since its inception. They keep adding new updates and related features; efforts that have turned out fruitful as Skype has been able to put up with the stiff competition it faces.

One feature that has distanced Skype from other similar apps is the ability to offer video conferences. This feature has enabled Skype to be used not only at a personal level, but also at corporate and international levels. Everyone is on Skype; you’ll find CEOs trying to convey their messages and conduct meetings when overseas and Head of States using it to update themselves when not around. This actually makes this app very special.

Furthermore, Skype has no physical limitations. It can be used anywhere around the world. Anyone can hold video conferences, send messages as well as make voice calls from anywhere to anywhere around the world.

Multiple Uses

Skype is popularly known as a voice and video calling app. However, this app also offers instant text messaging services as well as sharing of multimedia files. This on-net instant massaging ability makes this app a one off. As long as the internet connection is outstanding (3G, 4G or Wi-Fi), you’ll have a flawless communication process and enjoy a smooth conversation without any interruptions.

Using Skype enables users make both audio and video calls. Better still, users can easily switch from video to audio and vice versa. This is very convenient for users. In addition, Skypers can still enjoy access to instant messages when still on call.

In addition, Skype allows sending and receiving of messages from other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, among many others. It is also possible for users to link their accounts on social media networks to that of Skype. This feature enables Skype users chat with friends on other social media platforms at no cost, apart from the usual charges by your local mobile carrier for data plans or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Make Free Video and Voice Calls

No matter what your location is, you can make a call or send a text message to any person free of charge as long as they are using Skype on their devices too. There is no better way to save costs of buying airtime, especially when it comes to making international calls.

What makes this app a leader in the industry is the quality of voice and pictures it offers when compared to other voice and video calling apps. One reason behind this supreme quality is the constant updates and innovations that Skype developers come up with when making the app better.

Make Affordable Calls to Non-Skype Users

There are many apps and as such, it’s very important that users integrate their apps. Every person has his or her own taste; similarly, not everyone uses Skype for voice and video calls. Nevertheless, communicating to other non-users of Skype shouldn’t be a problem. This is so because Skype offers airtime credit that enables Skype users use their Skype number to call non-Skype users, but at a very low rate – nothing close to what local mobile carriers offer. This makes Skype a very affordable option for communicating with friends and family regardless of their location.

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