Why Google Play Keeps Crashing For You

Every one that has had an Android Smartphone has at one time experienced recurrent incidences where Google Play Store keeps crashing. This can be with a Google Play Store error message that indicates that the app shut down or could come up when it refuses to download apps on the play Store. This can be really annoying, especially when you do not know why the app has crashed and therefore do not know how to fix it.

Here are a few reasons why Google Play Store can crash and a few ways to fix it:


Google Play Store could stop working after receiving an update that does not work quite effectively. The update might have installed incorrectly and therefore the app will not work as normal. It therefore makes sense to uninstall the update so as to get the services working. This can be easily done by going to settings, searching for the Google Play Store app and looking for an option that says “uninstall updates.”

By clicking this option, you will be able to delete all the recent updates of Google Play Store that did not install correctly and return the application to its previous normal working condition. After this, you may want to find the second newest version of Play Store and update. This can be found from Google Play Store APKs where you can choose the update version that you want. 


In most cases, cache data could sometimes be overloaded or could have stored some previous information that prevents the application from working well. In this case, the only solution is to delete cache data.

In order to empty data on Play Store this way, you simply need to go to setting, find the application which you are looking for, in this case Play Store. Tap on the application then press the ‘empty cache’ option. Now, all you need is to open Google Play and it should run correctly. 

Deactivating download manager 

Google Play Store will not run at all if you have deactivated the download manager. The download manager could be deactivate in a bid to stop automatic download of apps. By doing this, Google Play Store will not respond well and could crash if the download manager is disabled. To get it working, go to settings, then App Manager, All apps tab and search for the download manager application. Tap on it in order to activate it. 

Google account problem

An error could sometimes occur with your Google account. This could be due to updates that cause loss of your Google account data. When this happens, all you have to do is to delete your account then add it again. In order to remove your account, simply go to ‘settings,’ go to ‘Samsung device and you will find an option that states ‘Remove Account. By confirming your choice, you will be able to remove the current account. Reboot your choice and reinstate that Google account by going back to settings, then accounts then clicking Add Account. 

If Google Play keeps on crashing for you, it could be due to old cache data, recent update of the application, deactivating download manager or the Google Account had a problem. By following the troubling shooting process, you will be able to enable Google Play services to work.

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